Nintendo Switch hack: Team Xecuter’s “product” delayed due to reliability issues


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15 Responses

  1. Cypherous

    So, what they actually mean is, they realised there was going to be a free way to do what they wanted to charge for and are deciding if they actually want to go ahead with it considering 2 different groups have both found software methods that are also unpatchable 😛

    • Me

      These are gorups that rarely release exploits. They release tools but no exploits. Xecuter modchip will be out for sure, they need more time than supposed by them.

  2. a7mag3ddon

    I would rather have the hard mod than the softmod, sure softmod is cheap and free but the switch is so easy to take apart id rather fit an old skool atmel.

  3. Me

    Teorically with a modchip you can trigger a kernel/bootrom exploit also if the firmware of the console will be updated, while a total software hack needs an entry point in userland space that can be easily patched with an update. Maybe I am wrong, but if Xecuter released so much info it means that they have something big to work on.

    • Cypherous

      From what i’ve read the software exploit is in the tegra bootrom, an update can’t fix that as that snot updated when the switch updates its software, they would need to update it from the factory which means all existing switches will be vulnerable for pretty much their entire lives

      • Prophet

        Yes the bootrom exploit can’t be patched but you need an exploit to even access the bootrom. And afaik that is done trough SwitchOS

        • jakibaki

          There’s a special tegra bootrom mode which is independent of the SwitchOS.
          If the exploit works from there it won’t be fixable by software update.

  4. FFTW

    they also announced that there will be solderless and solderable versions of the hard mod.
    anyway,hope they release it soon. that will force the other teams to release their softmod versions too.

  5. BLAS

    naehrwert has coldboot exploit too.

  6. Debo

    Either way pay or free the switch will be completely open sooner or later….

  7. Susan Sarandon

    Ah the “scene”, what else is new. Basically every “scene” is full of narcissistic d-bags just wanting to gloat about what they think they can do instead of just doing, but no they have to brag and brag.

  8. Anon

    I wouldn’t mind dropping some cash on a hard mod long as it was simple and there were a super detailed idiot proof guide for it. I’d like to hope someone would step up and release a 3.1+ software exploit giving full access to everything, buuut I know the scene isn’t like that, so I might as well go buy a soldering iron…