TheFlow reveals what he’s been up to with FW 3.65/3.67! – taiHEN (HENkaku) will eventually find its way on FW 3.65/3.67


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  1. z2 says:


    congrats to theflow and his hardwork! Not like that ps4 “dev” qwerty whose only show and no release.

  2. vampula says:

    Thats pretty good. Finally got to play The darkest dungeon on my hacked vita.
    Also TheFlow is the best, not like those ps4 “hackers”.

  3. Nick says:

    But the enso port for 3.65 will only be installable through 3.60

  4. Predator0808 says:

    Congrats TheFlow! Donation incomming!

  5. g4nz says:

    ps4 scene was a complete joke this month. especially the story about stupid ritsu and fake 5.00 expl release)

  6. belokk says:

    Good Stuff 🙂

  7. Steve says:


  8. Julio says:

    The gods do walk among us, it seems.

  9. Alif Ahmed says:

    Awesome news hopefully it’s released after the new Catherine port comes out

  10. Yasin Özdemircelik says:

    Intresting. thx for the nice update ^^

  11. Salar says:

    flow i love u 😀
    i simply love u 😀 for everything u do for this scene , we respect you.
    thanks for being here

  12. FFTW says:

    great news. it is unfortunate that he wont release it until a year later but at least he told us in advance. will get the first great deal on a vita i find 🙂

    • STOP WHINING says:

      The man has a life and a degree to finish. What’s with the “unfortunate” part? Be grateful and stop complaining.

    • nightwishfan1 says:

      Least he isn’t like qwerty in the ps4 scene, cause if he were this would be a lot worse, and it wouldn’t be released. This will be worth the wait.

  13. jeremymd says:

    make a patreon, theflow!

  14. Gnarlythotep says:

    TheFlow is my shepherd.

  15. brtatu says:

    What a man!!

  16. Laxxus says:

    Woah. Great work TheFlow!! Wish I have even a fraction of your skills. lol

  17. nebu_187 says:

    mr flow! there u go! also the flow is a better name then total noob lol.

  18. Jlroxy says:

    TheFlow the best hacker of Ps Vita!

  19. Ra-D-OH-3h says:

    I hope that he will wait for Sony to release large updates. If it releases it earlier, the work year will be wasted

  20. Itachi says:

    enso port for 3.65 will only be installable through 3.60?

  21. Itachi says:

    enso port for 3.65 will only be installable through 3.60. What does it mean?

    • Saint says:

      Most likely that you will need to be in 3.60, install the port there AND THEN Update to 3.65 :O (Greatest advantage of which would be, obviously, to play ‘backups’ requiring that firmware or inferior)

      • nightwishfan1 says:

        I’m looking at it like this…..Enso will get a update/port. It’ll be updated where it can still preserve itself even after an update. Then you update the system firmware, and if all goes as planned then enso should still be intact on 3.65, and 3.67 when it’s respectively ported to each.

  22. trolololo says:

    Uh.. what was 3.61+ Vita games again?

  23. Cimmerian says:

    Port enso to 3.65, enso is just a patch and not a HEN so we can’t run homebrew from livearea on 3.65 Also the fact that we have to install it from 3.60 is a problem. Any error and you have to reinstall firmware erase enso so it’s problematic. I think that can help people to dump 3.65 games to run it on 3.60 but not have a CFW on 3.65

  24. Miguel says:

    Congrats TheFlow! Donation incomming

  25. sfa2miki says:

    TheFlow bring back to life the scene when you think is all over… (I don’t know why my previous commentary is erased, but well… u_u)

  26. AciDBatH says:

    Now let’s hope someone doesn’t leak anything. At times I enjoy leaks just as much as the next end user but this feels like it could be something huge. Take your time TheFlow, can’t wait to see what you’ll release.

  27. mecksg1 says:

    damn thats sweet, i just put ina new board for my 2nd vita to be on 3.60. this is great news for everybody else stuck. also i have a spaie board for a 3g model if you need one

  28. Vitagaming says:

    Does this mean us 3.60 users will need to update to a higher fw if we want to play 3.61 or higher back ups?

  29. Nhat Nam says:

    I’m vietnamese and i’m very proud of you, theFlow. Best wish for you and happy lunar new year (he’s Vietnamese, too)

  30. Childman says:

    TheFlow deserves the donation for keepin us updated and sharing his hard work for free

  31. dragwar says:

    i cry a little when i read this…

  32. VitaFan says:

    Does this mean us 3.65 guys can upgrade to 3.67? I like having PSN access before eof. Or should we stay put on 3.65?

  33. Vitagaming says:

    For OFW 3.65 guys should we upgrade to 3.67? I like having PSN access before eof. Or should we stay put on 3.65? That’s weird my name email fields just changed ***?

  34. XG-PRO says:

    Personally, I bought Danganronpa v3 for the ps4 while it was on sale so I could remote play it on the PS Vita (since it was unplayable on a hacked vita). Although I won’t be playing this game when the FW is released directly on the vita, the are countless of games released and being released that will be playable from there on.
    Great job TheFloW! You made the whole world better!

  35. Spooky says:

    For a single person to crack the system without the need of a devkit, is beyond me. Much respect .
    Not a paid service but donations much deserved.

  36. Br71 says:

    TheFlow is a God!

  37. anounymosgamer says:

    Take all the time you need TheFlow, I knew takin’ a break from constantly browsing the vita scene can bear a fruit.
    If it takes even 2 more years, I’ll gladly wait…

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