“fusée gelée”: Reswitched Team’s coldboot hack for the Nintendo Switch


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  1. sj33 says:

    “She also confirmed that as a Tegra Coldboot exploit, it cannot be patched by Nintendo without Hardware modifications.”

    For clarification, does that mean the exploit will work regardless of what firmware is installed, or does it mean we can freely update POST installation of exploit?

    • Tony says:

      You will always need an entry point to install exploits so make sure you don’t update until this coldboot exploit is released and even then it’s likely that the exploit could be overwritten we will just have to wait and see how it all works

    • Crzo says:

      Both, just like the 3DS 🙂

  2. FFTW says:

    tht is GREAT! hope for a release soon 🙂

  3. YouNeverKnow says:

    Oh look, another “female” hacker…

  4. Susan Sarandon says:

    This bish ain’t gonna release anything.

  1. February 19, 2018

    […] have to wait. There’s some good hope for you though, with the recent announces of some unpatchable Tegra Exploits, and SciresM’s 4.1.0 Trustzune […]

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