What you can do on a hacked PS4 4.05 so far


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  1. Khalid

    When will available jailbreak 5.00

      • fluk3

        People claim to have exploits but they will never be released unless there is something forcing devs to hack newer firmwares and there still might not be any release even then. You have to wait 20 years and hope for some unkown downgrade method that will probably never get released either. Keeping mine at 4.73 and in the closet. Might very well upgrade for god of war, days gone and detroit

      • fluk3

        Wait 10-20 years for a downgrade method

        • fluk3

          Sorry my phone weren’t loading the page correctly and didnt show any comment made by me…

          OP could you pllease delete this and the other huge reply?

    • spok

      well the best would be to release 5.xx FW jailbreak after 5.50FW is out but looking on PS4 scene it will be after 6.00FW in 2019 if any 🙁

  2. PopMyCherryPapi

    Now where are these modmenu hacks? So I can unleashed my inner demon

  3. MeawThunder

    but, my ps4 fw5.03

  4. le snakeur

    le first

  5. Urbananonymous


  6. jesse

    First. Wasn’t there supposed to be 4.0X support? Currently sitting at 4.07.

  7. DoctorSaturn

    I’m really excited to see what homebrew ends up on the PS4, the possibilities are boundless.

  8. SsJVasto

    PS4 OFW 5.50 adds the “Custom wallpaper” option, where you can load from USB device. You can’t customize the icons, but it’s close to “Custom theme”

  9. Steve

    Am I first?

  10. sadmanben

    Waiting patiently with my 4.55 machine..

  11. Lollypop

    Installatie emsdk
    Installatie ps4sdk
    Installatie ps4payloadsdk
    Compile examples
    Run make fself
    Run 405resigner
    Installatie examples

  12. Lollypop

    Ps please release Some ps4ps2iso here like mediaplayer xor adrenaline xor ps2sdk tutorials for ps4

  13. Green

    What about mining Bitcoin on a hacked PS4? In Linux?

  14. Annoymous

    Anybody sitting on 5.05 should NOT update for the next 3 months trust me. KERNEL EXPLOIT INBOUND

  15. Robert Mueller

    Great for letting you add your ps4 discs without the need for reinserting it as this should have been automatic feature. Nope you have to buy digital in order to get that simple feature. Great for making you ps2 discs to pkgs as well as homebrew in the same format to enjoy without the need for a real ps2 or bc ps3 thanks scene!

  16. Mark

    Ok so I managed to get my hands on an extremely rare 1.71 PS4 and I’m needing some guidance on how to properly jailbreak my system. Any awesome modders out there that can guide me?

  17. belokk

    Bring on Retroarch 🙂

  18. Alex

    Really Wololo? You don’t mention RTM tools? Come on!

  19. Crzo

    I’m selling My PS4 Slim 4.01, contact me on gbatemp Tony_93

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