PS4 hack: There might be a possibility to play 5.xx games on firmware 4.05


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17 Responses

  1. IgrikAkira

    Sad. No 5.xx firmware.

    • spok

      yup this is just similar to PS3 method back in USB jailbreak days where games for higher FW than 3.41 worked with modified EBOOT:)

    • Neuordnung

      5.05 kernel exploit incoming!

      Specter (@SpecterDev)
      Within the next few weeks there will be a PS4 5.05 full stack release including tools for homebrew development. Some other tools will be dropped as time goes on. Don’t update your <= 5.05 consoles if you care about homebrew. Hope to see cool…


  2. Fiestebitan

    Please b posible …please b posible….. Please b posible… =D

  3. Flex

    I hope someone does this to persona 5

  4. meawthunder

    Jailbreak5.03 please plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Ethan Weegee

    We need something like this on the Vita!

  6. mm

    that’s awesome
    we don’t need 5xx firmware
    maybe in 2 years or so

  7. othmen chargui

    how to dump games with out install

    • sosofah

      good point! Maybe the warez-groups need a non-public 5.05 exploit.

    • Fimo

      If a warez group owns a non public 5.xx exploit:
      – Sony wont be able to find the vuln and patch it
      – That group could release those FPKG for 4.05

  8. Osoreshi

    So… what about Vita? highly unlikely if it hasn’t been done on the Vita already.

  9. FFTW

    This is really great news. however,i dont want to celebrate just yet. can we rip games that are more than 4.05?then repackage them?and how? if we can then i will celebrate 🙂

  10. ple2man

    Maybe we can do this same thing to ps vita?
    Well, i want to see that.

  11. playa

    Yup . HZD on PS4 4.05 is playable.
    Oh dear

  12. drk

    Great job russian guys ! I played HZD on 4.05 !