VitaBackup released – Backing up important system files has become much easier!


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  1. z2


    I’m teh master of this univeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerse!!!!!!!!1!

  2. So

    .tar isn’t a compression format but a packaging format which applies no compression what so ever.

    • Joel16

      I’m aware of that. I used it for the following 2 reasons:

      – The microtar library doesn’t need to be installed into your dev environment. All it includes is just one header and source file.
      – I don’t want to risk compressing any important files that are backed up by this homebrew.

      • svennd

        What is the risk of compression ?

        • silicaandpina

          can break so many things.

        • Berion

          Corrupt i.e registry and You have the answer. At least soft brick.

          Still You can add second layer of compression outside PSV environment like i.e “*.tar.xz” or “*.tar.7z” which are well tested and known for ages (or just pack them all by i.e *.rar, it doesn’t matter). Of course VBUP will not recognize them but keeping backup only on backuped devices is not very wise in the first place. 😉

          VBUP in long shot is CMA/QCMA/OCMA replacement. Here You can find preview images from project files with all features:

          One of them is adding in far future (maybe, remember that this is Joel’s app so every decision is his) CMA archive support.

  3. Eix

    this wouldve been really useful before i accidentally formated my vita XD

  4. fsdfsd

    if this backup guy can backup activation then I’m in.

    • Carl Trek

      In fact someone has developed a multi-in-one tool before this, which include an activation backup function. However, the backup function is somehow buggy and the developer never released this tool outside the Chinese PSVita hacking community, and that’s why seldom people know it exists.(What a shame.)

    • Joel16

      Yes it does, it can back up your act.dat.