PS2 isos Running on PS4 4.05


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  1. MoroccoaSilent

    Amazing news…and first

    • Verity

      Unfortunately, someone sc*** many people out of this hack by promising a 4.5 hack if they update, and not delivering it even months later.

      • Verity

        And that person is “qwerty or uiop”.

      • spok

        well PS2 backups are easily playable on PS3 with Cobra CFW so this is not something which is exclusive only for PS4 jailbreak:)

        • Verity

          On a less powerful system, with none of the other benefits? What a deal! (Sarcasm.)

          Obviously, the PS2 aspect is not the only (or even the main) reason for wanting the PS4 exploit. It’s just icing that makes PS4 exploits even better.

          The point was that the PS4 has a lot of good things showing up, and someone sc*** us out of it with false promises that 4.5 would have the exploit. And no one said anything about 4.05 at the time, which made qwerty’s 4.5 seem like the best exploit option, which tricked people into updating to updating to it.

  2. Spaarks

    Finaly. Now ill buy a ps4 ^^

    • 300

      Good luck finding <=4.05 console.

      • azoreseuropa

        I have PS4 2.57 and I will wait a bit longer to see how everything is going. Excited!

      • Spaarks

        ever heard of ebay? lol kids these days.

        • common sense

          I think that’s what they meant. Ebay prices skyrocket for hackable consoles, and they sell out almost instantly. Good luck finding one this late, especially for a decent price. (Unless you want to pay $500 for a pre-owned, and you act FAST. On 1/23/18 at around 6:25 PM CST, searching “PS4 firmware” showed about 4 units left, one in active bidding at $400 used, with 11 watching and over 8 days left.)

          • Paolo

            ReaLLY? i have a 4.05. What are the prices?

          • Alex

            If you know what consoles ship new with that firmware or lower, you can get one for around $300 still, but if its not new and unopened, obviously it is very likely already updated, another potential way to get one is to buy a broken ps4, there is a pretty good chance it has been broken for a while, and of course, if fixed, will likely be on a low firmware, although this strategy is risky in so many ways, its too easy to just waste your money on a ps4 that can’t be fixed, and really I’d say the chances of it being on a low enough firmware are about 50/50, but at least especially with it being broken, you get one for really cheap, just know you are taking several risks this way, personally I would look for an older bundle and buy it new.

    • Spaarks

      Finaly. Now ill buy a ps2 ^^

  3. Keith L Salmon II

    exatly amazing news. time to go searching for a ps4!


    Do the PS2(ISO) games now look better on the PS4 than they did on the PS3, or the same?

  5. Ethan Weegee

    A PS2 ISO launcher pretty early in the hacking life? Awesome!

  6. Approvethiscomment

    These guys made the emulator from scratch? How can the PS4 emulate PS2 more properly than a PC? or it has hidden support for PS2 from day 1?

  7. Kurt R

    “As always, remember we have no issues discussing the tools here, not where and how to download pirated games. Thanks for your understanding.”


    Hillarious as always, wololo.

    You ARE promoting piracy, there’s no denying it.

  8. T

    Ps4 with < 4.05 are so easy to find I am sure lots of people will have no problem finding one now. I just picked up two yesterday at low normal prices.
    Stop saying "Good luck" lol it's not really luck there is plenty out there on the other hand finding a 1.76 fw , luck for that is def required!!!!

  9. Bob

    Maybe the ps4 scene will finally do what i’ve wanted ps4 to do from day one, PLAY PS1 GAMES!

  10. Bob

    Maybe, finally the ps4 scene can bring me what i’ve wanted from day one a ps4 that CAN play ps1 games.

    • Cypherous

      TBH even an android smartphone can emulate PS1 games at this point, i mean i own a PS2 so i don’t personally gain anything from this as i can just play the games natively, but i guess its still a nice demonstration of what sony were planning most likely

      • Zonga

        Yeah i don’t see the need of a PS1 Emulator on a PS4. With any android box you can play within minutes almost any PS1 Game

  11. guilherme guimaraes

    downgrade??? anybody?

  12. Lollypop

    Gta2ps2iso heer i come in HD
    Howto find ps4 homebrew between
    176 and 405 and specifically ps4 package signed or brewed or ps4molecular ps4filemanager or else stuff

  13. tonyhoro

    Hope 5.05 to be supported soon. I wasn’t aware the scene was at this state and I updated mine mindlessly.

  14. Me O'Me

    anyone know if Gamestop updates all their referb/used PS4 consoles to latest FW or do they just sit there with whatever FW it came in with???

  15. Is this similar to how PS1 on PSP works?

  16. jlo138

    4.73 🙁 I updated like 3 months ago. Oh well. I have FMCB PS2 anyways.

  17. Vahnyyz

    So does anyone have any idea if PS1 or PSX games would work on this emulator?

  18. Lollypop