Emulator update round-up: WinUAE updated to version 3.60, Phoenix (3DO/Jaguar) ported to macOS, CorgiDS gets GBA support and more!


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  1. AuroraisLoveLife

    Praise be to Goddess Aurora!!

  2. TehCupcakes

    I don’t understand why DeSmuME is still the go-to emulator that people think of when talking about DS emulation. no$gba has better compatibility/performance and has for a LONG time.

    Of course, that’s not the point of this article. Just thought it was funny that you compared Corgi to DeSmuME when no$gba is better.

  3. cracker

    Thanks for the post. I had never heard of Phoenix before. I can’t wait to try it out on PC and Android. Way of the Warrior, Road Rash, Need for Speed portable!

  4. f4

    If you like Tempest 2000, buy TxK for Vita or PSTV. It’s so great. I’m going to turn an old arcade cabinet into a dedicated TxK machine. 😛
    Never buy anything from Atari, as their legal threats have kept this gem from release on PS4 and Android.

  5. this is what we have been knowing about the windows.