Emuception: Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu now runs Sonic 3… at 1fps


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13 Responses

  1. nos

    lol killed the game

  2. Numbers

    I recommend compiling on arch 64.

    • arch is a botnet

      at least you had to tell someone you run Arch like it’s a good distro to use for anything other than autists. It’s not special, infact, it’s awful.

      enjoy your botnet. check your outbound connections. thank me later. pacman -Rns networkmanager is a good start if you must use a sperg os

  3. Abtin

    this is a great progress i hope yuzu will soon be able to run all switch games like cemu.

  4. cracker

    I want to see Yuzu running the GBA emulator running PocketNES.

  5. Alex

    Sooner, the PC Master Race™ will be able to play Super Mario Oddysey, MK8DX, Arms and other AAA from Nintendo. The true master race.

  6. wi11iam

    lol “at 1 fps” XD

  7. Anonymous

    Come to RyujiNX. Another NX emulator which runs this game at 60 fps!

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