PS4: Piracy is now a thing on firmware 4.05


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  1. A7mag3ddon

    For me personally I’m not that desperate to play every 4.95 game or less, the handful of games i do want to play I will buy. I do have a 3.5 ps4 packed away tho just in case I need one.

  2. dE

    Woop woop

  3. DoYouKnowDeWae


  4. A7mag3ddon

    4.05 of course us what I meant.

  5. nebu_187

    I updated back when qwerty exploited 4.50 and was dumb enough to think it was being released. My own fault i should have waited now i cry.
    No i actually dont give a s*** because i have 2 cfw ps3 now 😀 so the ps4 can wait.

    • joe guy

      Sorry bro 🙁 that guy is mostly a troll

    • William

      try begging moar harderrrr lol ..i think thats the key for that qwerty guy…he want you to begg

      its similar to justin bieber ,its just in different platform that qwerty use tweeter

      i think he have no friends in real life, thats why bieber and him need that attention from social media

      • |33+M@5+3R

        He likes to be stroked harrrrrrrd

        • seanp2500

          I HATE ALL OF YOU PEOPLE IN THIS CHAIN! If it weren’t him WE WOULD NOT HAVE A WORKING PS4 jailbreak. WHO DO YOU THINK WROTE THE WEBKIT!!! He is whole reason the attack works!!!

          • nebu_187

            dude calm the f*** down. Just saying if he was not going to release then just kept to himself instead of bragging like a little child

  6. joe guy

    Great article, would love to see more write ups about this. Also, if anyone knows where these PS4 games have been circulating, put it here. I know about radikal-gamez but not much else.

  7. Paolo

    Another interesting fact is that flatz has published a method to run (arguably) every ps2 game on ps4

    • ps4thief4ever

      Can i run legit copys? like just put my old game in and run some kind of software?

      Or do you have to get the “pirated” versions?

      • cboushell

        Where do you think the pirated games originate from? They come from legit sources and are converted to PKG files you can install. So why would you not be able to dump your own game and install it? Think a little bit.

        • Alex

          I was thinking he meant would he be able to just insert a ps2 disc and it accept it and run without having to store it on the hard drive, although me personally, I think I would like it stored digitally either way regardless, as for whether or not the ps4 will accept and read ps2 games, I doubt it, I’d say its necessary to get it dumped

        • FFTW

          the Cobra PS3s Didnt accept PS2 Discs,only dumps. there is no reason to think that the ps4 will accept them either.

          • Jack Hill

            FFTW your off on what you said. I think it’s model specific I’ve personally jailbroke 10+ systems all BC’s mostly 60 gig’s and have 2 of them for myself and they all run off discs or eve backup copies and yes can be copied to the hdd of the ps3 also. had the cobra dongle since it came out and all my cfw’s have been cobra ones Habib and rebug all played using the disc

  8. Me O’Me

    is there a list of which PS4s ship with a fw 4.05 or under? is PS4Pro included? anything manufactured before 2017? just wondering as i am looking to buy a new PS4 with a fw 4.05 or under and would like a Pro if possible.

    • Marek

      Gosh, good luck bro, I have spent days to find a new one (FAT) below 4.05
      To get Slim and especially PRO is to find a needle in a heystack 🙂

    • KappazzCoffee

      I think there’s an article on wololo written right after the 4.05 announcement, just use the search function. Im not sure the initiall wave of pros might have shipped with 4.03 or a bit lower but nowadays I would not bet my luck on a pro out of the box (if that ever was a thing on the fist place). If you wanna be save stick to a slim

  9. reymon

    i bought mine feww days ago on a local store 3 blocks away from work. ther was still 2 more pro´s (launch day i guess whit 3.70fw) and there was even 2 o 3 more slim bundles on 3.51 (i know cause the boy at the store turned on the consoles for me)
    on the “con” side here in arg is more expensive than other countrys
    sorry bad english
    good luck to all those looking for a hackable console

  10. youshouldhavewaited


    • dontbotherwaiting

      enjoy playing them offline, shut off from any online experience and updates. FUN.

      • Hello

        If you dont pay ps plus you dont need to care about online. The only worry of pirates last gen were the ban waves. Now, anybody cares

      • FFTW

        you will be able to get updates,either like you could with the PS3 or like you could with the 360. same with DLC.

        the only real issue for now is that newer games arent supported.

      • williater

        I think someone here has their PS4 on latest firmware. Tut, Tut, tut

      • dev/null

        Sony has really crappy online services. If you want to play online you’re much better off with a PC or an XBOX.

  11. Deeno

    I can understand that a lot of people aren’t too keen on the whole ‘piracy’ situation. But in my defense, I would say that it’s okay either way. Some people just want to save money on games or they can’t afford them but still want to play them. We can’t blame them! Especially when game companies are gradually increasing the prices of games as the years go by. I bet soon, games would be over $100 for just a standalone copy. And for what reason!? Better graphics?! Microtransactions?! Advertising?! Higher demand?! I could keep on about this. I’m personally a gamer at heart; but not a wealthy one. And that’s what makes me a pirate. Though, I’m not proud of that. But what can some of us do when we don’t have the same privileges as everyone else? You can hate us all you want, but where the video game industry is heading, is something I don’t want to be a part of. Especially when they try to squeeze as much money as they can out of our limited pockets.

    • JustAnotherOne

      i just don’t buy games on their first years anymore. wait a year later and when the “Complete” edition releases, i buy.

    • n774