Wii U: hacker hexkyz publishes boot1 code execution exploit


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12 Responses

  1. mten666

    To be fair, the Wii U still has some form of advantage. As I see it, the Wii U is the ultimate form of the regular Wii. You can play all your Wii U exclusives, plus there are Gamecube games and Wii games at HDMI quality for modern TVs. Switch is a new start, while the Wii U is the ultimate modern form for everything that is old.

    • Roberto

      I completely agree

    • Stranno

      Yes. And it can even emulate Nintendo DS perfectly in the games supported (or injectable).

      • Ethan Weegee

        It can?!

        Off to steal a Wii U.

        • Stranno

          It can even upscale the resolution like Desmume or Drastic.

          Most games work, unfortunately it doesnt support DSi-Enhanced games (there’s no base-game for that) and some jewels like Okamident dont work either (well, it does work, but the touch screen doesnt).

    • Thrawn

      The wii U is the best wii there ever was and ever will be.
      HOWEVER, the vanilla wii is the best gamecube there is, has been and will be.
      WHY you ask? FULL GAMECUBE HARDWARE, thats why. (gba link support for example)

  2. keith

    totally agree man

  3. Lollypop

    Slayers evolutionx ported to boot1 wiiu

  4. 7he6rim0ne

    wow, i had no idea about the DS emu! i think i will try to figure out where i messed up with the original hacking and trying to play WiiU backups and just concentrate on the DS angle.

    • Destouches

      Yes, I’m currently enjoying Trauma center 2 and ghost trick on the wiiU.
      But playing rogue leader, prime echoes, sunshine or Sonic adventure 2 DIRECTLY on the gamepad is also a wonderful feature.

      WiiU is the best way to wait for good NS games (not ports) and the SmachZ release (Ooooh, can’t wait to play Halo Wars on the go).

  5. NakedFaerie

    The WiiU eshop is still going and NintenDOH did release a new firmware for the WiiU over 1 year after the previous firmware.
    So, if this does become a thing they will just patch it and release a new firmware like they did last year. They patched the last exploit and the next firmware will do the same.
    It’s better to not release it so they dont mess with what we have currently.
    IF this gets released a new firmware will most likely kill all homebrew and CFW access. They have had heaps of time to patch all the holes in the last 2 firmwares so they will just add another hole and patch that too.