Flatz writeup on PS4 Package files. Could open the console to more convenient native homebrews (and piracy)


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24 Responses

  1. Alejandro

    All the scenes from all the consoles at this point are much blah-blah. Since when was the last release for a up-to-date firmware? Since HENkaku, which was more than A YEAR ago? Amazing how boring the scene is. Much drama, few action…

    • Demian

      Many complaints from people that doesn`t support none of the scenes, in any way whatsoever… -_-

      At least the scene`s “blah blah blah” is more interesting than reading comments like the one I`m replying to…

      The less you hinder, the more you help.

      Let them do what they do best, and wait silently while you watch TV all day. Thank you.

    • dilwjqdo8qwqfjo

      The scene is only boring for people who do nothing but leech from it, such as yourself.

    • Fimo

      I agree that everything was moving really slowly on 1.76 and too much “blah-blah” on the private kexploit on FW > 1.76
      But with that 4.05 JB, everything is moving fast !
      PS: Bigboss is working on a 4.05 SDK and his ELF loader = 4.05 homebrews in a few days ! 🙂

    • YourMama

      The scene would definitely benefit from having less fidiots (f***king idiots) like urself commenting stupid.

      Ignorant ppl simply do not realise the extent of work that goes behind having to crack systems that have gone ironclad in a bid to prevent piracy.

      • fluk3

        Let everyone have their opinion and learn to ignore them instead… Do not turn this around on me, I’m only trying to help you spare more time.

    • First

      yea blah blah all right, but not like u need to pay a penny to get free stuff so why the complain? If u care so much why not donate money to hackers to show support?

  2. hellishanghell

    So, basically speaking this write-up means that you can do pretty much anything with the right ammount of skills and it can be used up to pretty much any FW? If they weren’t so concerned about piracy I’d bet they’d already made more advantages than this… but oh well.

  3. maxton

    “Flatz did not release any code with his writeup” — um, yes he did!

  4. sayf

    Seems interesting

  5. Gracious8

    Very interesting by what you do! You may receive a solid contract from Sony !

  6. Katona Mátyás

    I feel sorry for my ps4 pro, with 4.07fw…. Soo close… Whyyy…..

  7. Realist

    Step 1. Add game eboot.bin to folder
    Step 2. Run create.py to create .pkg
    Step 3. Add .pkg to usb and install.
    Step 4. Play

    Wake me up when these steps are in place. Zzzzzzz

  8. William

    i just want free game

  9. Ps4 hack no hope

    Keep watching the drama without action. It’s like a movie with never ending climax

  10. Javito

    Its incredible how they manage to hack a PS4 , a day 1 PS3 but havent been able to fully hack a PS3 Super Slim, thanks god Sony doenst pay too much attention to these things cause if they replicate what they did with the PS3 Super Slim, hacking days would be over by now 🙁

    • Defc0n_xD

      @javito actually you are wrong their is a ps3 playground by esc0rtd3w. Files were on github but were pulled from the site as one of his exploits got leaked. i do believe the testing file for the webkit/kernel exploits are still out there. But More work is needed for a proper jailbreak like 4.05/1.76 PS4. It works on all models of ps3 on fw4.81.

    • Spaarks

      blah bla blah. Just shut up.