Rinnegatamante working hard on VitaGL, a full GPU implementation for OpenGL – 3D homebrew games and emulators may be coming on your Vita/PSTV


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  1. Furstfirst says:

    Such great news, love stealing games

  2. RetrocADE81 says:

    This looks promising I really hope he manages to do this as homebrew on the vita has been somewhat lacking in performance when really it’s quite a powerful and capable little device that just needs its true potential unlocking.

  3. Sergi Granell says:

    Emulators that need GPU acceleration should really use GXM instead of a fixed pipeline OpenGL implementation on top of GXM.

  4. Rez says:

    Plrase port Streets of Rage Remake for Vita!!! Thanks

  5. Shiraki-kun says:

    Such a good news, waiting for GZDoom port.

  6. wikldoa says:

    why the CPU, it so hard to have all 4cpu?

  7. Aaron says:

    Are you working on a hack for ps vita 3.61?

  8. Aaron says:

    Are you working on a hack for ps vita 3.61?

  9. AuroraisLoveLife says:

    ~Notice me Sempai~

  10. alpha says:

    Looks like OpenGL emulation using libGXM (so yes it’s quicker than pure software). Maybe a good idea to port weak games, but hightly doubt for Q3 and N64 emulators.

  11. Gelson says:

    Yessss! I am now a proud patron of @Rinnegatamante on @Patreon, and you should be too:

  12. RyoX says:

    Does that mean it will be possible to emulate ps2? since im not a huge fan of n64

  13. Juniorpsvita says:

    Dreamcast / cps3 is possible now?

  14. Rayo says:

    Does this mean that we would be able to play Counter Strike on a PS Vita?

  15. JesusR says:

    Shaders on Retroarch, Finally!!

  16. Egocentric says:

    GREAT scene contributer. Without question.

    Does not have a good history of updating project flaws, even ones with plenty of community hype and support. Does not communicate well with project issues reports by the community. That again is visible, without question.

    There is nothing wrong with your skill set temporarily being limited to lua coding while wetting your feet into more complex coding. Not from the standpoint of a community receiving free and interesting projects.

    Will this post make it, i’m skeptical even with the weak negative tone? The current don’t disrepect a dev, even with constructive criticism, is becoming a joke, if not already full blown.

  17. Good works and good luck for emulate ps2 and Dreamcast friends

  18. fakename says:

    It’s sounds like a really oversized project for only one person, i thing that the objetive is un realizable, so, here comes another unfinished project.

  19. sfa2miki says:

    Every work of Rinnegatamante is awesome, this guy knows what he does… keep it up!

  20. Bingolo says:

    This GPU acelleration could improve Retroarch emulators? Finally we could see filters and shaders?

  21. iker says:

    I wanna play some zeldas and some other n64 masterpieces but I dont see a playable emulator on the psvita anytime soon…

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