Nintendo Switch: Team Xecuter have an upcoming exploit, state it will work on all firmwares (video)


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  1. Someone

    Insert Ordinal number

  2. MFSGameplay

    Oh, yes! But what about online play? You’d need a patch for that ,yes?

    • NakedFaerie

      Do you need a patch to play online now?
      So *** are you going on about?

      • MFSGameplay

        I was talking about if you had cfw with pirate games? dummy.

        • Dvdxploitr

          Wasn’t the Xbox 360 the only one that had an issue with online play? I’ve had hacks/mods on PS3, Wii, Vita, 3DS and Wii U that would allow me to go online without any patches. Only reason you needed anything for the Xbox 360 was because their security could pick up hardware mods very easily….

          • Mike

            My jailbroken PS3 got banned like a week after going online with it. There was a PSN patch app people suggested using. Which I did but I still was banned.

          • jesse

            They had a harder time picking up flashed disc drives towards the end. RGH and JTAG are easily detected and result in a banned key vault.

  3. DarkenLX

    But in the black fin’s defense vita just never got the love it deserved thanks to sony and their mind boggling attempts to save it it really didn’t have enough AAA games to even need the fin.

  4. dameros

    Too early, I would have preferred to see something like this in at least 2 years time.

    • Dmaskell92

      Lmao, this is Nintendo we’re talking about now…

    • DSpider

      Too early? Nintendo made a *** ton of money in Switch sales. It sold more than the Wii U in 10 months than the Wii U sold in its entire lifespan. “Too early…”

      • Josh

        So… the Wii U sold about 13 millions unities in it lifespan.
        Switch in 10 months sold about 8 millions.
        I know I’m not a genius but I’m failling hard to see how 8 is more than 13?
        Maybe you’re talking about the fast-selling phenom? Or launching frame time between the two?

      • DC789

        You have to remember that Switch is Nintendo’s only console in the long run (3DS is still on the market and selling good, but it’s going to be discontinued in a few years). Since the NES generation, Nintendo always had a console+handheld on the market. This is a big change in their business model and revenue stream. It NEEDS to sell big, because it’s doing the work of two game platforms. Switch only selling reasonably well would be bad news for Nintendo (no, they aren’t in danger of going bankrupt, but Switch merely selling “good” would mean Nintendo’s marketshare and relevance dying off)

    • ai

      The majority will still be buying games, especially since it’s a Nintendo console where most of the base are casuals.

  5. Kyle

    That would be awesome, since Odyssey shipped with FW 3.01 🙁

  6. Crampus

    Hardware modificitation…yuck.Soldering the Switch motherboard is sin.

    • a7mag3ddon

      Its also extremely easy to open a switch and get to the main board.

    • Clint

      ..and why is that? Because you don’t know how?

      Grow up, any progress is great. Besides, it isn’t confirmed to be hardware or software yet. Just good news and video from a reliable team. 🙂

    • marade

      There’s a good chance it’ll be solderless IMO, the EMMC is completely removable. If i had to guess, this ‘product’ would either replace the NAND, or sit in between it and the main board, and not require any soldering.

      • zz

        I don’t think it will be between the emmc and the motherboard. That’s only data, if it can be done by only modifying data on the emmc nand then a simple hardware flasher would be enough, your typical sd card reader connected to the emmc (as it uses sd card protocol). TX would not be able to make any money from it. So they need to have something that probably glitches the gpu/cpu, and also they are probably working on making the method difficult to reverse engineer, so as to avoid the chinese making knock-off chips for as long as possible.

  7. M4ttes

    Switch would be really (!) great for Homebrew. Imagine all the horsepower for mobile emulation…
    But I hope this won’t lead to piracy. Big N doesn’t deserve it. They made a great product.

  8. Vic-20

    Soldering is my art this hack was made for me

  9. Ferky

    Killing the switch games creation too soon..

    • Kevin

      piracy rarely kills a console, it usually actually helps it.

      • Wetalo

        Man, I get the argument, but there are plenty of examples where piracy seriously damaged a console.

        DS/PSP/Wii in particular come to mind. Software sales on those systems were super low after piracy started taking off.

        • TehCupcakes

          Some people would beg to differ, and actually argue that piracy helped the PSP gain popularity.

          I don’t know how substantiated those claims are – it seems everyone lives in a bubble of their own impressions and it’s an incredibly hard thing to put hard statistics behind, so we’re left to guess based on perceptions.

        • jesse

          Pretty sure the software attach rate of the Wii is the highest of all systems ever.

  10. Brandon Stewart

    As long as it allows save backups, that’s all I want.

  11. icedcream

    Perhaps a homebrew solution for the Virtual console will be released before Nintendo gets around to it lol

  12. deathstrader

    RIP Switch. Too soon.

    Do PS4 instead. It’s dying already

    • YouAreCluelessKid

      Sales say otherwise, PS4 still going strong. Leave kid.

    • Jack Attack

      The DS, 360, PSP and Wii were all hacked for piracy by year 2. Each of those systems broke records in their own right. Meanwhile the PS3 and Vita for most of their lives were a fortress against piracy. Didn’t save them a single sale. The PS3 only turned around, ironically, after Sony’s major breach and compensation, then after that they kept Plus being useful and generous. Go figure, consumers flocked.

      Piracy doesn’t kills systems. Poor management and software does. Period.

    • Kevin

      when has a console being hacked hurt the console?

  13. Gary Edmunds

    Be very wary of this.
    This is not the original Team Xecuter this is another Max Louarn scam like the ps4 game swap chip.
    The original Team X ceased to exist several years ago and the website was sold to Max.
    This device will not be support nor up-gradable and work after a new firmware release from the big N

    • Nio9345

      Is this true ? How do you know that Team Xecuter is no more ? I can’t find any mention about it anywhere, and if it is true it would explain why no progress was made for the Xbox 360 Winchester board or fot the Xbox One series.

  14. Tesla

    Not even the PS3’s security was flawed after the dongles and CFWs. This will not be a permanent CFW (if it’s ever released).

    • YouAreCluelessKid

      Someone has no idea what he’s talking about.

      • Tesla

        Please, do tell. If you are not capable of, please don’t say anything.

        • Jackson

          It’s hardware, it’s permanent, fool.

          • Tesla

            Thank you for the free insult. You’ve demonstrated your overwhelming intelligence.

            Pop quiz, hot shot: will Nintendo stand on the corner without releasing a hardware revision?.

        • marade

          It is completely possible with modchips and other hardware mods. Remember how the 3ds was hackable on any firmware as long as you were willing to do some soldering and hardmod it? It’s the same here, except i doubt soldering will be necessary since the switch has a modular EMMC, so it would be easy with an adaptor / intermediary board to hack, and is unpatchable since software updates can only edit the nand.

          • Tesla

            That was my main doubt about this “future proof” CFW. Dongles are the best approach in my opinion but can be rendered completly useless with a simple hardware revision (even a software update could do it if the exploit is not in the early boot stages). On the other hand, complex hardware mods can give you the keys to the kingdom but they are not user-friendly and requires tools, electronic components and skills to apply to the console without damaging it.

          • cracker

            Ummmmm… what? The 3DS never required you to hardmod to hack it. The ‘hardmod’ was to dump your sysNAND in case you messed it up and needed to roll it back (or got sc*** il/legitimately by Gateway’s bricking).

          • youre mum lol

            i never did it, but i’m certain you can install cfw via hardmod
            a la

    • cracker

      If it is a glitch chip then more than likely it is bulletproof a la 360 RGH. It directly attacks the CPU very early in booting up and updates to add fixes to security would be run after the console was already compromised. The only solution was to revamp the hardware but then new ways to do the attack were found rendering MS’ efforts useless again. It may use the Nvidia backdoor, but I can’t find info showing if that is able to be patched or not.

      • Nio9345

        The main reason Xbox 360 was able to gain so early hacks was possible to the fact that early prototype boards were stolen during the final stages of development of the board. Also the fact that the 360 basic hardware (CGPU, memory, and number of POST trace left on the board) didn’t change until the Winchester variety, the very final board that the CGPU is actually different and doesn’t have POST traces on it. That’s why the Winchester is still unhackable and to the fact that it was at it’s “End of life” period and no one gave two f**ks about 360s anymore, not even hacking communitys.

        • Oggy

          That’s completely inaccurate. Without the 1BL, we had nothing, with 1BL, we had a chance, and that wasnt through early access to dev kits, as tmbinc said, the 360 was open to timing attacks, KK & jtag just came earlier.
          MS not signing the drive firmware was key to the drive hacks.

          They couldve ended it all sooner but chose not to (and still do)

  15. r

    i’m trying not to get too hyped so will wait and see. also what if it’s trying to trick people into updating past 3.0.0? maybe that’s too much conspiracy theory…

  16. Maxilus

    “completely future proof”. Seem like Nintendo need to release another set of Switch with patched motherboard. Just like PSP days…

  17. Magician

    Well.. I always glad when somebody have or find a way to hack one or other console. But this time it’s bad thing. It’s too early to do that. Console don’t have a lot games. So if this console will be hacked all creators not release they games for Switch. I was more glad to hear that PS4 or X1 was hacked. It was 100 times better. But.. Maybe this help to move PS4 and X1 to the hacked status.

    • FFTW

      the 360 being released within its first year says hi. it sure didnt recieve any 3rd party support after it was hacked am i right? >_>

      • namegoesher

        >be nintendo wii
        >softmodded by 2008

        >bestselling console of all time

        hacks arent just piracy. even if we get a full fledged switch virtual console library from N, i still want to emulate ps1/psp…

  18. freeplex

    If for this need special device – it will be cool!!!!