VitaShell 1.77 Beta released – Lots more archive formats supported (7z, tar.gz, tar.bz2 and more)


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  1. Forocoches


  2. Grigoriy, aka grisha22 on /talk

    WTH ?? I can’t access forum anymore and i’m getting ‘Your IP, Doman Name, Query, Post, User Agent, time of access and date has been logged and flagged for admin review’. If someone can, contact me via email :

  3. Akionyan

    Constant crashed when I wanna use FTP by connecting it via Filezilla

    • Akionyan

      Always got ‘C2-12828-1 error’. Sometime I can go in FTP but when open ur0 in filezilla then it will crash and ‘C2-12828-1 error’ will pop out.

  4. Darth Agnon

    @theflow0 blocked me on Twitter for no reason 🙁 Can still see his posts from Incognito browsing.