[PS Vita] – PC Link First Public Beta Release


Not much to say, but I'm a guy who's interested in modding/hacking portable consoles/devices.

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  1. DrRetro

    Hm, after I entered a Name for the Connection the App crashs before I can get to the IP address field.

  2. Zero

    I’m hyped for this. Hopefully it gets better and better and maybe good enough for remote play like stuff.

  3. Yank147

    i can link sucefully to my computer, but, then, my screen just going black

  4. koji

    Works for me link OK but after a few minuter conected with computer app crashs

  5. koji

    Wow config vita controls in game pc on this apliation ?

  6. William

    can we do this over Bluetooth connection instead?

  7. noob

    this works like shield? or you dont need good upspeed connection

  8. William

    Network::init() : video Bind failed with error code : 131

  9. Joseph Kuninz

    Getting the same error codes everytime i try to connect: (Black screen on VITA)
    Network : listen error code : 131 (Just appear once, at the top)
    Network : listen error code : 183 (This one appears several times (100+)

    Anyone has found a solution? Thanks

  10. louis

    The app is not working for me. Every time I try to enter my Ip address it’s coming back to connection manager and not saving my info.

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