How to: enable the web browser on a non-activated PS4 4.05 (permapatch)


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  1. Joe

    Did this on my 1.76 PS4 already, Just want to know if all upcoming homebrew is going to work on my 1.76 or should I update to 4.05?

    • spok

      currently there is no reason to move from 1.76 or buy PS4 for 4.05 – i am also awaiting for a progress to finally move from PS3 to PS4:)

  2. Mick

    I have a factory sealed GTA Bundle PS4. GUARANTEED 1.76
    Any suggestions? Worth keeping? Worth anything?

    • Of course it is worth keeping… But You should realize all the new hacks will be made for the new exploit and the new kernel. The older hacks will be ported and eventually the system will be fuilly taken apart. Until then, KEEP IT!!! NEVER UPDATE IT!!! 1.76 is FULLY 100% hacked in all the areas you want hacked! the 4.05 is not 100% fully hacked in all the same areas yet. This is just the first step in the 4.05 getting kernel access… Most encryption is Still intact and not decrypted as of yet so wait until it is before getting rid of or opening that sweet 1.76 PS4 bundle! NIB PS4’s from way back go for $800 still. That should tell you to keep it in box and be patient!

    • cracker

      Or you could find a newer system bundle on 3.x before everyone starts scalping and scalp the 1.76 console for huge profit

  3. Tamaka kaka

    Wait until the progress advances in about 2 months then jump on the hoe train!

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