How to: set up your PS4 for the 4.05 Exploit and run payloads (with “debug settings” example)


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  1. William

    owh ,this seems to complicated for me

  2. andoryuu3

    Thank you for recommending a cross platform tool for this guide. I primarily use macOS, but it’s unavoidable that I need windows from time to time. But the less I need to switch over to windows or run a virtual machine, the better 🙂

  3. Marco

    hello guys I’m on the 3.55 now for many years and I would not make the mistake to upgrade to 4.05 and then find myself a news that there is something more huge on ofw less than 4.05, so my questions are:
    1-update and ambitious about this exploit? What can I really do?
    2-can I install the pkg demo games? as ?
    3- I read that there is a fake section saved what is it? can I put a ps4 save for another account on mine? .

  4. lololo

    be careful, the new version uses python 3 !

  5. Fimo

    Thank you for this tutorial 🙂
    With that ps4-exploit-host now I have full FTP access !

    Now I can see the 5.03 downloaded PUP (+ 3 other files) in the “upload” folder.
    I would like than my ps4 stops to ask me if I want to update everytime I boot… some one has a (tested) way to clean it ?
    Delete PS4UPDATE.PUP ? The 4 files ?

  6. Al Azif is a reserved address and isn’t routable (Normally) so I thought it’d work if the internet was disconnected as it can never resolve even when connected to the WAN. I’ll add a arg to disable that check or figure out what’s going on.

  7. RodPin

    Thanks for the guide!
    Although, Im having trouble on Ubuntu… By using terminal, it says my port 53 is already being used. (ERROR: Could not start server, is another program on udp:53?)
    Can I use another port for it?
    Thanks in advance!

    • RodPin

      PS: By using lsof -i :53, it says systemd-resolve is using this port.
      systemd-r 789 systemd-resolve 16u IPv4 22649 0t0 UDP localhost:domain “

    • Gumi

      1 disable dns in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf (comment out dns) & restart. Maybe I also run: disable sudo systemctl disable systemd-resolved.service – i dont remeber now.
      2 if you want to have internet (dns) forward outgoing tcp&udp port 53 to router ip:53 using iptables rules

      • RodPin

        THANKS A LOT!!! Now it’s working!

        I followed this guide “”, but you showed me the way. Thanks Gumi.

  8. Adam

    What will happen if I run the debug setting payload then update to 5.03 ? will it stay ?

  9. Adam

    What will happen if I run the debug setting payload then update to 5.03 ? will it stay ?

  10. kokaro

    Anyone who can confirm if it worked?

  11. Matt Jones

    I set the IP address to automatically configure, however when I manually put in the DNS which I receive from the tool (also for some reason the IP I receive from the tool is surrounded by nonsense symbols), it won’t work! It gets the IP and recognizes the network but the internet test fails!

    • Al Azif

      I imagine the IP wasn’t green in color? The junk was probably the color code… Windows? will change it to the standard green. Not sure about the error. If you go to another computer (or Phone/Tablet) on the network, can you put in http://IP/document/us/ps4/index.html and see the exploit page?

  12. TimeWaster

    Are there still ps4 pro bundles out there with a fw below or at max 4.05?

  13. anagia
    cywing nc -w 200 9020 < ftpp.bin
    ftp filezilla
    full access

    to upload payload same way 1 bye one

  14. Mock

    Advise for using the ps4-exploit-host-v0.3.1, install the newest Python X64 version if you are on Windows 10. I never got the 2.7 version working, but the newest worked straight away

    • Milton

      Hello. WHen I open , a windows open and close instantly…. I have Phython X64 3.01… What is the solution please? I have windows 10 64 bits.

  15. iUNeIV

    Je suis au dernier étape mais j’ai une erreur ?

  16. rockmana

    i get a blank screen in the users guide browser when i choose the idc payload is this normal cuz is the python tools it says its ready to send the payload

  17. poiagoboy

    I keep on getting told that internet connection failed, anyone else having this issue?

    • Antonio

      Yes actually idc hangs the web browser and then you cab sent the payload

    • Antonio

      You have to do the same thing on the guide just replace the dns as you see on the tutorial but you have to enable internet on ps4

  18. seba

    when my ps4 was about to run the exploit went out: V What did I do wrong?

  19. Shadownet

    So.. With this method, can I run copied game at my PS4 console ??

  20. Adriani

    With PS4 4.05 Kernel Exploit is it possible to play the backups that are being made available? I’m a bit confused, I see some PKG playing videos of games even being initialized.

  21. John Doe

    Great tutorial, worked first time

  22. Sam

    My debug settings disappear once I restart my console, is this normal?

  23. junior

    working 5.05?

  24. john

    what can i do with this ?

  25. josh

    this tutorial needs an update . the exploit tool is on another version, much newer version and everything is different. the new tool doesnt have file and many other things.

  26. Maverick

    Well ive kept my ps4 on 3.11fw and wont be updating to 4.05 just yet ill wait for a full cfw like the ps3

  27. tooretoo42

    thanks for all your tutos !!!
    just for info, there’s no need to change “” in a pure network
    just fill out the default gateway with any ip on your host 🙂

  28. Crispy81

    I cannot get this to work on Windows 10. Tried shutting down running apps.

    “ERROR: Could not start the server, is another program on udp:53?”

    I’d appreciate any suggestions, if anyone got the same issue and managed to sort it.

  29. RuwaisRyan

    ERROR: Import Error
    Download from the releases page or clone with `–recursive`
    Press [ENTER] to exit

  30. AromaToto

    Really? You can play after jailbreak?

  31. Aulia

    i have mac on me, how i can run al azif hacking tool?