ReStore, the PlayStation store companion to ReNpDrm, updated to Beta 5 – Bug fixes and better performance


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  1. Gunzjones says:

    I was able to play Freedom Wars online with these plugins installed. I love that bugs are being squashed so quickly.

  2. One says:

    My config file doesn’t have a *ALL line


    write : ur0:tai/restore.suprx

    Any thoughts?

  3. drd7of14 says:

    Anyone else having problems where you open the PS STORE on the VITA and then it just closes after a few seconds?

  4. Samsqwamch says:

    Installed the plugins correctly and have the config file looking proper but I keep getting this message when I try to download something from the PS Store on my vita (An error has occurred. E-8055825). What am I doing wrong or what do I need to fix?

    • Samsqwamch says:


    • gunblade says:

      IDK didn’t try app yet could try restart Vita. Might be the spoof firmware setting.

    • gunblade says:

      Use to get message when using the spoof firmware.

    • Nio9345 says:

      Did you try to re-activate the PS VITA from the Settings? If not that is maybe your problem. Remember to backup your original act.dat, registry and profile files somewhere safe. Also remember to create an *ALL section in your config file and a rif folder inside tai.

      • Samsqwamch says:

        Did try re-activating from Settings but still getting error. I’ve restarted my PSTV and still nothing I do not seem to have an act.dat file located anywhere on my Vita. I’ve downloaded stuff from the PSN Store before so I should have an act.dat file but don’t. If it matters I’m using a PSTV with a flash drive mounted at ux0. My config file seems to be set up correctly. Just to make sure I have it right in my config file does it need to say ux0 or ur0 and in which tai folder do I put the plugins in, the ux0 or the ur0 path?

  5. Blue says:

    Can I get some help in understanding the config.txt file? What do the # symbols mean, how long are they effective? What about the * symbol? and is anything with “ur0: ” meaningless? Thanks

    • Moses says:

      Just my guess but…
      # is meant for explanations, they don’t affect anything
      * is a command line to work on something like “Kernel or a game ID or ALL apps and games” for instance
      ur0: is the 1 GB internal memory card inside the PS Vita Slim versions. You’re better off putting your tai folder in there and plugins if you swap memory cards often.
      Hope I helped.

      • Blue says:

        Thanks for taking the time to reply! I really appreciate it.
        However, I should try and clarify my confusion. When I open the file in notepad, it all appears in a single-line with no breaks. So for instance, I might see:

        *KERNAL uxo:c:\whatever\tai #KERNAL is implemented *ALL #meaningless jibberjabberurc0:\something

        I’ve been using notepad to edit because I thought it wouldn’t add any hidden characters to complicate how the file is processed, but at the same time, it makes it confusing for me. For instance, does the # mean everything afterwards is a comment, including the next command line? When does it stop being a comment?

        • MDashK says:

          Use Notepad++. normal notepad from windows is not detecting the characters that define lines.

          • Blue says:

            Thanks! That worked like a charm! One last question: should I be using ur0 or ux0? CelesteBlue’s tutorial shows ur0, but that French tutorial site shows ux0….

          • nononon says:

            @blue, it depends what are you using, if its sd2vita or normal vita card, if you’re using normal, then use ux0.

  6. Marty Bryant says:

    Does this make remote play possible? I can’t get that one plugin to work right.

  7. Tarek says:

    Hi I don’t know what happened I just deleted file data in the uro and know I can’t access psn and my games won’t open asking me to re-download from the ps

  8. Nio9345 says:

    Note to Aurora, these plugins won’t work on a VITA TV for some reason. I don’t know if it’s because I use a USB flash drive as storage (mount to ux0:) or because the vita tv functions differently from an actual VITA.

  9. Zero13k says:

    Beta 5 is receiving an error in the PSN STORE starting with NP after conducting a search or downloading two or more items at once it says can not connect to the server, Just leave the store close it down re open and it will fix the tiny issue if that error comes back repeat then re enter the store, does not affect already downloading items just browsing the store, just hoping that tiny issue can be fixed.

  10. froid_san says:

    Can you post previous version of renpdrm and restore? as people can’t keep tack of it being it does not have a GitHub page and it’s the holiday season to constantly monitor this release.

  11. drd7of14 says:

    Any idea how to solve the C0-14478-4 download error from the PS Store?

  12. DJPlace says:

    could some upload the config file for everyone to use this is a pain in the @$$ to do.

  13. Gamer says:

    Does it mean you can fix the error E-80558325

  14. oreques says:

    download error … you need to install the plugins and modify the config.txt as said , but you need to activate/enable the account. It is very easy, check youtube videos or instructions in google. In short … if you couldn’t download from pstore, the reactivation via plugins is performed in 2 steps , but the plugins authors only explain 1 😉

  15. jeremymd says:

    any workaround for banned accounts using this plugin? i’ve purchased hundreds of dollars worth of vita games and got banned when I logged my account to a hacked PS3 (dumb move, yes). any way i can download them?

  16. Lannando says:

    So, this isnt working ok PS Tv?
    Having the same problem as samsquach

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