Release: ReNpDrm intends to bring back PSN access to your hacked 3.60 Vita


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  1. Woohoo says:

    I’m gonna try this right now… and first

  2. Karma_Darkly says:

    I don’t understand any of this anymore. Ever since I couldn’t activate my vita I basically gave up on it. where can I find a tutorial, lookingat that wall of text only confuses me when I click the plugin. no download started, just a page.

  3. melissabigail says:

    i’ve been cornfused ‘bout the “activated/deactivated” thing. how do you know if your Vita is either? i play a Vita game and trophies pop, so this means i am “activated” ? but i can’t download anything i purchased from psn so does that mean i am “deactivated” ?

    • melissabigail says:

      (using Ensō 3.60)

    • Nio9345 says:

      Right now anyone with Enso or TAIHEN v10 can play all the games they have on their memory or backed up in the PC, what you can’t do is either activate your console (if you reset your VITA or delete act.dat). If you can play those games that means you are activated, but if you try to download games or anything from the PSN store you will get an error of E-8something, because Sony uses a method to detect if you have 3.60 and refuses to let you download or activate anything. Those 2 plugins give you back that by manipulating your act.dat (renpdrm) so you can activate your console again and sign the games you download (which means back up your act.dat even if you don’t run the risk of bans) and spoof the store and sony’s servers into letting you download again (restore). You need to reactivate your console after following the instructions for the plugins so you get a manipulated act.dat.

      • stumlad says:

        So I have enso, is there a difference between an “activated” VITA vs game(s) that requires a PSN check to play the game? I can’t play some games that were “free” via PS+ subscription, but I CAN play some games i purchased through PSN… I have not tried to log into PSN ever since I began using the original henkaku hacks.

    • Zero13k says:

      TRy downloading any game from the PSN store if it says an error code while trying to download a free demo or game then your PS VITA is not activated and if it continues on and downloads anything from the PSN store your PS VITA is activated

  4. Ed says:

    What does this mean “In other words, this release lets you enjoy your own games as if you were on the latest firmware”. Does this mean I can play newly released games as long as I buy a physical copy of it? I know new games require you to be on the latest firmware, but will this bypass this restriction?

    • wololo says:

      No. This does not let you play games that *require* the latest firmware, sorry about the unclear statement. It lets you play games you purchased, which you cannot do normally if your console is deactivated.

  5. Quake says:

    DO NO have the ACT.DAT in the tm0:npdrm/ folder. Does not work with out it. Creating a fake act.dat doesn’t work either. Is there another program/plugin you need prior to this to make the act.dat?

    • Quake says:

      ok, I got it to work. I reinstalled Enso. Checked config.txt to see that

      Had a # in the front. Went back into PSN Account / Activation / Game Activate and now it’s all good.

    • h0schi says:

      – Install the plugins and edit the config.txt.
      – Restart your VITA
      – Then login into PSN under VITA-settings.
      – Open the PS Store, if you can access the Store, download any free theme and install it.
      – After this, a new act.dat should be available in tm0:npdrm
      – Restart the VITA again.
      – Try to activate the VITA in PSN-Settings.

  6. Smoker1 says:

    From what I read, if correct, you will also need to Disable NoNpDRM. Will not work if it is still running

    • David says:

      yeah, u are right 🙂

    • Zero13k says:

      Mine works fine with NoNpDRM, I have not had an issue activating my PS VITA, I wrote an article down below stating a tiny issue i found about an hour ago, I wanted ark2 so i tried getting a psp demo and ran into that tiny issue so i tried what i said an boom it worked and for others not wanting to go that way you can use CelesteBlue EPSP bubble installer the use CelesteBlue ARK2 fast installer and then it will allow you to use ARK2 with VHBL and ONEMENU, Another great CelesteBlue creation

    • sj33 says:

      Pretty much rules it out for me.

  7. shaun says:

    I have two vita slims one running offical fw one with enso can I download the games to pc from my official vita then use one of the plugins to fake activation on second to play the backups

    • Zero13k says:

      Yes that is correct as long as both PS VITA systems have the same user account it will work like a charm for you, Happy PS VITA gaming bro

  8. Lollypop says:

    Can we expect unban ? Both ps4 and psvita with ps3 idps xor psid

    • Zero13k says:

      If it has been a console ban maybe with some expert skills, If it is a profile ban then sorry SOL for all accounts that have been banned, Though with a console ban the PS4 tech might not have the ability to have the bam lifted for the console as SONY and AMD have but a lot of security into that console from the years of seeing what has happen to older consoles but lets keep our fingers crossed that it might be the possible in the future for the PS4 even the PS VITA/TV

  9. gosutohakku says:

    It worked well for me, the activation and donwnload of games, jus follow the instruction on twitter, if your downloaded game doesn’t install, turn off the wifi reboot your vita and try again, it worked for me!

    • Zero13k says:

      I tried that myself and no luck it did not work it could be a possability that the 3g/WIFI PS VITA systems are plauged with what i wrote below.

      • gosutohakku says:

        did you check out that the edited lines in config.txt are ok? at first it dind’t worked and i checked the config file and the *ALL
        ux0:tai/restore.suprx line didn’t save. I only had ux0:tai/restore

        • Zero13k says:

          I did i believe as another person has said my PSVITA might have gone backwards or the plugin i used for the SD2VITA is not the correct one and that i might have to use the other SD2VITA plugin to fix my issue, Thanx for the help bro

  10. Artem says:

    if i download a game i get (E-80558325))

    • Zero13k says:

      Recheck if you have done every step correctly to enable the plugins that are friend CelesteBlue has provided us also check his twitter page for more info on how to go about using the plugins even futher more go to the website that he has provided with the tutorial if you can not understand full french just copy paste the website link into google search then once it shows up with your search list click on translate vola tutorial comes up in english

  11. Zero13k says:

    HI all so i found out a little issue with both plugins, If your an SD2VITA user they both work except you can not download your games it will show that your game is downloading but once it tries to install it says error can not download, I found that the SD2VITA adapter can be detected by the PSN store which blocks the ability to install any legit games to the SD2VIta that goes for apps too, even if i try to place the plugins with the config file into ur0 along side the ux0 folder under both ti or just one in one folder but not the other it will not work, the only way around is to use your original PS VITA memory card and download the game or app to it then back it up to your pc then send it back to you SD2Vita memory card stopping the error that is recived, Hopefully this will help many users and hopefully are friend CelesteBlue can find a way to overcome that tiny issue, Not saying that it is bad heck no CelesteBlue im proud of you bro you are a champion and i thank you with all my heart, Keep up the great work

    • Carl Treak says:

      There are many varieties of the SD2Vita plugin. Try the version that mount the SD2Vita at UX0: and doesn’t mount the original memory card. I am not sure but maybe the content in the UMA0: confused the Vita (since that place is reserved for cartridges) and caused games unable to install.

  12. Blue says:

    Can I get a little help in figuring out my config.txt file? Everything is on a single line in wordpad, and I’m wondering if there are places where it might be safe to insert a line break or something, for ease of understanding. (for instance, anytime I see an * symbol? Or a # symbol)

  13. J says:

    This does not work for me, deactivated my vita and then reactivated it. Still comes up with a download error. I can’t delete my act.dat file either.
    I’ve done every and all the steps above that I could.

    Any help?

    • David says:

      Do u have latest v3.0 version?

      • J says:

        Yeah I just updated to v4.2 and did everything again. Still nada, but now the kicker is that when I open up the Playstation Store, once it loads the page up, then it immediately closes.

        I think the big problem here is that when I check the rendrpm_log.txt it doesn’t actually confirm that it has spoofed my act.dat. It says that I have a valid act.dat.

        Tried deleting my act.dat and deactivating my vita. No dice.

    • Zero13k says:

      Are you using the SD2VITA adapter we need a little bit more info on your issue and from thier we can help more

      • J says:

        Nah I am not using the SD2VITA adapter.
        It says in my rendrpm_log.txt that I have a valid act.dat, so I think that is the problem.
        Since the log is meant to say that it has spoofed my act.dat successfully but I have no idea how to get around it.

        Especially since trying to move/delete my act.dat doesn’t work. I’ve already deactivated my vita once, and then reactivated it. Still nothing with the store works. Updated to the latest ReStore plugin, and now the Playstation store opens and then immediately closes.

  14. HeroKing says:

    well, i goofed, since i didn’t read the twitter post, i kinda did it backwards. i put renpdrm under all, and now my vita locks up on the enso logo, and loops into safe mode when i try to turn it off, unable to do anything. am i gonna have to format memory card and start over?

    • David says:

      No,just keep pressing R1+L1 at boot

      • Hero says:

        unfortunately, i did reformat and all that. and now the plugin doesn’t seem to even work, since now it looks like i don’t have the previous activation files anymore. i assume that’s now the plugin works, reworking old files. i got both active, i can browse psn store, but activation won’t work

  15. John says:

    Is there also a new way to access psn with fw 3.60?

  16. John says:

    Is there also a new way to access psn with fw 3.63?

    • Zero13k says:

      Give the plugins a shot on the CFW 3.63 though if I am sure that you must be on CFW 3.60 ENSO in order to benifit from theses great plugins

  17. Endyminion says:

    Works PERFECT!!! TYVM!!

  18. fluk3 says:

    Does reNPdrm work if the console doesn’t have an account on that console?

  19. drd7of14 says:

    Anyone else having problems where you open the PS STORE on the VITA and then it just closes after a few seconds?

  20. ogogo says:

    well i got a PS VITA FAT + SD2VITA ( wich is 128gb ) so i tryd x times with config in ur0 and ux0 evrything didnt work
    then i readed about uma0 and added there the 2 lines and works flawless now

  21. The jay-walker says:

    I can confirm it doesn’t work on my system 3.60 Henkaku -10, and haven’t seen any changes. I still get error E-80558325. I imported the restore and renpdrm files as well as nonpdrm and changed the config file receptively. But the config file could definitely be the colperate, since working with hexidecimal lines is easier said then done.

  22. haziq says:

    why does it ask me to update my system?

  23. DJPlace says:

    finally about time.

  24. Jking says:

    So will tbis help with remlte olay i cannot use my ps4 anymore on pstv remote olay says updaye ps4 system. Which i do not want to do

  25. Squids says:

    So I’ve got this installed to my ur0. I am using an SDtoVita with an adapter. I followed the instructions on and went to my settings to activate. System said ‘activating complete’. So I go to the store and install a free theme to test. It lets me download it (where I used to get the error) but when I go back to the main screen I get a popup saying it could not install and that I should go activate my system. Which I have done but nothing works and I don’t understand why this software is not working no matter what I try.

    • Kidbizkit says:

      This is EXACTLY my problem. Have you found a solution yet?

      • Zack Niemann says:

        No it still doesn’t work. Good thing is that nonodrm works still with everything else. But it would be nice to get the new stuff working. (and yes I did disable nonodrm while trying to find a fix)

  26. koxy says:

    Its not working! Period, Kappa, Amen

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