Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

PS4: SpecterDev releases 4.05 Kernel Exploit


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85 Responses

  1. Luke Root

    Awesome news! Now the magic will happen.

    I’m on 4.07 🙁 what a shame.

    • diesel701

      You can try to put it a non-formatted HDD. Maybe you can reinstall a lower firmware.
      Personally I have a ps4 with 4.72 and if I put a non-formatted HDD I can install 4.71 or upper.
      So try it. maybe you are lucky 😉

      • Luke root

        Didnt know that bud i previously had 4.05 before i updated. How does it it work when i put a hard drive in will it ask me which version to install?

        • diesel701

          Remove the actual hdd, pu in another one with non-formatted system or windows or else non-ps4 formatted, reboot twice if I remember well and then look at the message “please insert a usb with firmware x.xx or upper” (something similar)

    • Cayde-6

      I am also on 4.07. Someone will port it.

      • Luke Root

        Not a case of porting – if a kernel exploit isn’t found for 4.07 – we will have to wait until qwertyoruiopz exploits for 4.50-4.55/5.00-5.01 are released (or IF) – or until a kernel exploit for 4.07 is found

  2. ceevee

    I have a PS4 on 1.75. Is there any reason to keep it at 1.75? Or is it pointless and I should go straight to 4.05?

    • Luke Root

      I would go straight to 4.05

    • IWouldStay

      Wait for this to pan out into something first I would say. Jumping straight to 4.05 when it’s simple release that isn’t terribly useful yet? Not highly recommended.

    • don’t do it… better wait until the full jailbreak get released…

      u still can’t play pirated games with it…

      • spok

        yup 1.76 is best since this release: “does not contain any code related to defeating anti-piracy mechanisms” – not buyin PS4 🙁

    • William

      i think you should go for 5.03 instead..more promising , qwerty going to release it also

      go ahead update to 5.03

    • Reynkz

      Keep your PS4 on the lowest possible firmware until something concrete is released on any of the previous. Don’t listen to people that say update. Better safe then sorry because you can’t revert updates.

    • humhum

      I have a 1.76 ps4 as well, i am going to stay for a few more weeks on 1.76 and then move on, we should have better support on 4.05 from now on.

      You should stay for a few more weeks and then move on, when everything you have on 1.76 is present on 4.05…


    BOOOOOOOM! Now the scene can at last get some momentum

  4. Sombre

    I have ps4 in 4.07.
    Can I run payload please?

  5. bh

    @Sombre better for you to learn to read before asking.

  6. my-name

    dang, any news on 4.07 ?

  7. Luke Root

    Is there known to be any private kernel exploits for 4.07?

  8. Cypherous

    Its a cool start, we appreciate your work SpecterDev, now we just wait and see who will rise to the challenge 🙂

  9. robbier2713

    im on 4.06 any chance, of it working or is this going to be updated for this version at some point?

    • Really...

      Well seeing as it says 4.05 then no because a new kernal exploit needs to be found and released for the higher firmware.

  10. sonofsony

    where to find 4.05 firmware?

  11. Lbhack

    I have my ps4 on 3.55 i will upgrade to 4.05 and test it

  12. Durk

    I have a launch PS4, still untouched, and I’m not doing anything with it until I see that this will actually lead somewhere.

  13. Fimo

    Works great 🙂
    I have just an annoying message when I boot the PS4, it asks if I want to update to 5.03 ?
    Is there a way to delete that file ?
    Or do I need to wait for the release of a FTP server payload (like the one on 1.76) and directly delete the PUP ? Someone did it on 1.76 ? No risk ?

  14. Charles Fasano

    I have a PS4 Pro on 3.70 that I haven’t touched waiting for something like this. Until it can do more I’ll wait.

  15. Kline

    I have battlefront bundle
    Where is the version number please

  16. supG2

    I wonder will this trigger Pizza boy Querty to release something. I hope he does and no one cares anymore

  17. ModChipGuy

    Schwing !!!

  18. SeanP2500

    I make a big mistake and deleted my psn profile (i didn’t want it associated with hacks and had no plans to go on psn with my jailbroken ps4). This made things harder for me as I did not realize this would break web browser. In hindsight this was a good thing. This is experience other user will have with new ps4 out the box. I hope this helps others….

  19. SeanP2500

    please allow this video is helpful for others.

  20. PatientOne


  21. chrisice

    Someone did see the new failoverflow news on their website?

    What is happening now just before newyear? 🙂

  22. Red

    If anyone would like to use this exploit without hosting the files themselves, I have taken the liberty to put them on my website for anyone to mess around with much like I did with ps3xploit


  23. Lars Altorf

    And What now? I have read about 5.01 there is a possible way there Will be a jb for to? Is this correct

  24. Baconelite

    My PS4 is on 4.00 and I’ve kept it like this, unplugged for a little more than a year. Just turned it on to confirm and it says it has an update downloaded and ready to install. Can I get rid of that update, so I can get the 4.05 firmware? I’m afraid the one it has downloaded and ready to install is above 4.05 :/

  25. switch1

    Good news.. I got 1.76 console as well. If I update my PS4 to 4.05. Later.. other hacker release CFW for PS4 (like ps3 3.55). But require is 1.76 than I dead.. XD

  26. Peter Andre