Iwata “homage golf game” allegedly removed in Nintendo Switch firmware update


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  1. poopipants

    Is this site dead already??? Oh and first!! hahaha

  2. HankNiss

    Don’t worry, this is getting overblown, it’ll be back in a future update with new code. It’s obviously been obfuscated in order to prevent hackers from getting into it in later firmwares.

  3. Kichi

    Given that Nintendo directly talked about about putting it in so Iwata would watch over the new console, if i remember correctly, the Omamori idea is actually quite likely. Omamori comes from the Japanese verb Mamoru which means “to protect” and that’s still really the cultural significance, not to bring good luck, but to protect against bad luck.

  4. Sweet

    Loving your blog but the menu bar is not displayed correctly on Safari on iOS 10, can you fix that please?

  5. Tesla

    So, what’s the point in having an easter egg if you don’t want anyone to find it?. That’s the whole point of easter eggs, to find them.

  6. UnseenCyborg

    Maybe it has something to do with the NES Mario game they recently released.

  7. Panzer

    Nintendo tells you Merry Christmas by taking Golf
    From you.

  8. SeniorPendejo


  9. SeniorPendejo

    This site is a big stinky pile of Arroz con Pollo

  10. amputato

    trump edition will have golf game, thats it nothing else

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