Heroes of Might and Magic 2 ported to the PSVita – Go medieval on your Vita!


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  1. Lennyvita

    First! (?) Heroes of Might and Magic 2 an awesome game, loved to play it back in the day. now i can enjoy it again. thank you

  2. Random

    If this was Heroes 3 Complete, life would be complete.

  3. EXploiter

    A Port from return to Castle wolfenstein was a nice try:-) nur ist much Work

  4. LAP87


  5. Chaosruler

    Thanks Aurora! awesome news, will be suprised if they manage HoMM3

    awesome article 🙂

  6. Sami

    plz port hearthstone to vita

  7. Attachment

    I’m the biggest fan of Heroes games. Heroes 3 I liked most of all but I’ve tried with great interest on all!