Wii – USB Loader GX – Update

9 Responses

  1. John

    Foist! Happy Holidays!

  2. z2

    first! I’m teh master of the mily way galaxiiii, and andromeda 2

  3. clank

    first virgin

  4. Anthony Dickinson

    Don’t see point with wiI if am honest. WiI was cap never played on it. Most people would of sold by now. I gave mine away.

  5. Nintendo and fanboys sux

    Modded Wii still is awesome 2018. After Wii’s phenomenal success, however, Nintendo has been in continual decline for actual cutting-edge content, thus woefully revolving around Mario/Zelda/assorted regurgitated nostalgia while solely catering to the “great” fangirl base.
    Thanks for the USB Loader GX love though!

  6. OLDF00L

    What? Out of all the things to get an update I really didn’t expect this lol it brings back memories

  7. Crash

    Where can I see the changleog?

  8. Jasho

    Man, lets be clear, Wiiflow is a much better application.

    You can have accomodated all your Wii, GC, SNES, etc. in one app with the nicerst interface.

    An example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npRTxIFay1E

    I recommend Wiiflow much more, still I use both sometimes, but I hate when people does not consider wiiflow.

  9. Anon

    Still can’t handle GPT partition table external drives