Release: Onemenu 2.03 for PSVita

9 Responses

  1. Anonimity says:

    Orales, está chido eso junto al PS vita pirata store…

  2. I'm a Sony fanbaby. says:

    When will Sony finally stop producing PSvita? Maybe it’s too busy remastering the whole ps1 line up to sell nostalgia to its useless fanboys. Sony get your *** together.

  3. Fuuldras says:

    That’s a greay update, now I’m willing to pay the guy who’s gonna port the good ol’ XMB to the Ps vita so we can dump the live area

  4. JustAGal says:

    This still needs a way to organize Homebrew Apps, and Games separately, but other then that it’s still way better then the XMB

    • SsJVasto says:

      XMB, or Cross Media Bar, is the User Interface for PSP and PS3. The PSVita’s standard UI is called “LiveArea”, and the PS4’s is called “Playstation Dynamic Menu”. This is not a replacement for XMB.