An explanation to what ReNpDrm is and why you should be excited about it


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  1. Latrodectus

    Great news!

  2. Sol

    woohooo first
    its a big thing for unactivated users
    other than thats its not a really big deal

  3. g4nz

    will it alow me to play games online?

  4. Tony

    There’s a very high chance we’ll get banned from using this, or it will get patched again for psn downloads from working..

    • Code

      Well, not discounting Sony’s stupidity, but it would be a bad move for them to block access to the store again. Online Multiplayer I can see them banning, but kicking people out of the store who are willing to give you money for your products, is not the best way to encourage them to forgo piracy. Especially when most of the game library is online exclusive.

      • Tony

        tbh i think sony is more concerned about their security in general than actual piracy or they never would have patched it.

      • Panda

        Considering they’re banning people’s PS3s AND PSNs due to “violation of terms and services” and effectively shutting them out of all their purchases, I doubt they care if it’s a “stupid move”.

  5. Natalie

    I’m in Japan, my Vita TV is in the UK. I hope I can get to use this plugin when I return in Feb!

  6. Joe

    what about psn accts that were banned and have vitas connected to those banned accts? will this allow us to connect to psn for games, updates, etc…?

  7. Bunnymod


  8. Rolenzorol

    but what if sony bans my account and i cant use my ps4?

  9. kurdish

    And more people will be banned just like me

  10. 1

    “or consoles that Sony rudely deactivated..”

    What is this referring to?

    • Bob

      Sony started deactivating ps vitas that connected to psn using 3.60, they deleted or atleast changed the activation code in the ps vita.

      • Carl Trek

        Someone said by using a special tweak vpk, you can flash a PSVita developing kit’s firmware into a ordinary PSVita and it will never be deactivated. I know there is the tweak that can change the firmware, but I don’t know whether it will stop deactivating.

      • 1

        Isnt that to be expected when you go online with a hacked system?

  11. Sony rules from the top/Nintendo repeatedly sells nostalgia

    Thanks for Vita love. I don’t know if I’d ever feel comfortable buying games from PSN via a Henkaku Vita though.

    • Sony fanbabies are pathetic.

      These troll usernames are funny. especially considering that Sony remastered the entire PS1 line up lol

      • Nintendo fanboys are also pathetic

        Not entirely as Gran Turismo 1 nor 2 is on psn, also the driver 2 is not on store, careful with what you write

  12. Mo Poge

    I thought there already was a solution for those with unactivated Vitas?

  13. kyon_dw

    3.63 user here, can only watch you people from the distant…

  14. bla

    Is there any way for Sony to detect the fact that a Vita is running henkaku with this plugin, i.e., is there any chance to get your psn account banned? What do you think?

  15. judael

    A stupid question; Can this be used to reactivate a banned ps3 on psn? or is vita exclusive?

    • If your banned on ps3 then you’ll need a new PSID or something like that, its possible to extract a PSID from any PSP I think, so with that you’ll b able to swap out your consoles I’d to get online again.

  16. row

    this is cool and all but i’m not excited, but i will be when someone finds out how to run 3.61+ games on 3.60

  17. Poptheweasel

    My question: Will this allow people to sign up on PSN 3.60 again? Or will we still have to wait? Well, I guess we’ll find out Christmas Day.

  18. Thrawn

    IF THIS PLUGIN IS TRUE… then it is the most awesome piece of software after freeshop for the 3ds.

  19. Lollypop

    Howto emscripten xbmc your localhost instemde Plex free and renpdrm-server

  20. Ethan Weegee

    I’m sorry… I might be misunderstanding, but didn’t we already have these features? I have had my PS Vita hacked on 3.60 and able to access the store. I even bought Terraria and play it often. What does this add?

    • Recently Sony started deactivating PS Vitas on 3.60, and locked activation around July 29th (Enso release date) so users who were deactivated couldn’t download or play any legally purchased games.

  21. Bob

    Hey wololo i do have one question, when you say that it constantly refreshes system activation files, do you mean it keeps writing over them? If thats the case, should we be concerned about burning out our memory? How frequently does it Refresh?

    • Enzo

      Good question.
      CelesteBlue might want to look at some type of way to get by on a manual trigger. Because you have a good point about solid state drives only have so many write cycles.

    • Refreshing NpDrm is the fact to restart SceNpDrm kernel module to make it load and decrypt the FAKE act.dat.

  22. Peter Andre

    nice, something news worthy 🙂

  23. Racoon

    So cool ! I’ve bought games for PS vita after it was blocked (completely forgot about it) and now i can download them 🙂 Thank you Celeste Blue

  24. Waifus are all you need

    I was almost happy that I would be able to buy some games like God Wars and Utawarerumono, but as we can’t play 3.61+ games, I’ll have to wait 😛

  25. Enzo

    Excellent utility!
    Thank you CelesteBlue.

  26. ewbie

    I am newbie. Am I right that better to have 2 accounts:
    – 1st for purchased games
    – 2nd for everything else?
    And activate Vita only for 1st account? Activation gives any other advantages than multiplayer?

    What better to change accounts? Install some app, or buy a new card?

  27. Balverine

    What if i want to activate recently created account ? Will it work ? Current account have ps4 games on it, i don’t want to loose it, that’s why i need to activate new account on vita.

  28. Speeder91

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    In the meantime, here is another gift from him:

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  29. Speeder91


  30. 6utty5harkstank

    strange this story is not #1 on Wololo since it is now Dec.27th 2017 — was this an attempt by @CelesteBlue to garner some ‘h4cker pr4ise’ in hopes of non-refundable Paypal donations?

  31. Mick

    You wont get banned because….. it doenst work anyway!