FERROX 7.55 – 4.82 CFW

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  1. Alan Yeoh

    Great to see the PS3 still growth!

  2. T101

    Does it still have the Blu-Ray movie disc playback error?

  3. a7mag3ddon

    Can i update FERROX 7.55 – 4.82 CFW over the top of Rebug 4.82 wiht Cobra 7.54 if i want ? so i have the latest C/FW installed?

  4. Good to see the ps3 getting all this love recently 🙂

  5. jesus izael cantu amaro

    anyone knows how to run a backup? cause i downloaded some and all gives me error :/

  6. cool news bro.. who would choose this over rebug, confuses me??

  7. D4n83

    Anyone with fat 60gb have tried to boot a ps2 original disc? i have a black screen wirh all game (with a white line of the top of the left corner when i press the PS button) ( rogero 4.82.1 with cobra toolbox update)

  8. Nebu_187

    from what i heard FERROX is bad stick to REBUG.

  9. I_YFI

    We all have our opinions. If you like to use Rebug then use Rebug.

  10. retard

    I am new into jailbreaking, have succesfully jailbroken my PS3 with another guide, but since my blueray reader is broken, someone told me I should get a No-BD cfw, is this such a cfw?