Release: TubeVita 1.02

19 Responses

  1. Aramaru says:

    Definitely gona try that. Stock Vita browser is unrealiable and prone to stutter. Ever since the original app has been removed I didn’t watch youtube videos on Vita that much since it has become pain. Its nice to see more usefull stuff still being released for this console. Many thanks to the creator/s for their time spent on developing this.

  2. z2 says:

    first!!! I am teh master of the Universe!!!111!

    anyways, can it display 720p/1080p 60fps videos?

  3. Badi says:

    I’m sorry if I’m wrong but… what is the point of this homebrew? It only opens YT in a browser, the same thing we already do. And the picture is pretty misleading because that is the GUI from the original(now dead) YouTube App

  4. Alaster says:

    Great app and a very big thank you! 😀

  5. 风君子 says:

    Yes, previous name is redtube..which looks similar to retune

  6. LoverAli says:

    As i remember , wololo has said that it’s recommended that we don’t connect vita to internet, because of the fact that we’ve hacked it. He said we may get banned! so, is the problem solved?!
    Otherwise why should i take the risk of my vita getting banned just to watch youtube videos on it?!

  7. ganix says:

    this is just so awesome. now, we only need PDF/EPUB reader.

  8. trunk208 says:

    we need a video plugin that can be play in other websites like openload/vemo/

  9. ytty says:

    this is just a shortcut to the yt site?

  10. fluk3 says:

    Are there any devs working on modding the orignal youtube app to work again or are there anyone making progress on making a clone app?