PPSSPP updated to 1.5 (and 1.5.2) – Massive performance boosts on Vulkan supported Android devices!


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  1. ZeroFX says:

    I have the S8, will test it :).

  2. Dekk says:

    The 1.5 apk should show up on the play store shortly, just got it in Canada last night. Works great on the OnePlus 5 ^^

  3. Rxtom says:

    Does LG G6 support vilkan ? I though yes because of S7, but when I select vulkan it’s keep on openGL after restart

    • cracker says:

      The Vulkan framework works on Android 7.0 (Nougat) and up so it will require custom roms for some devices to unlock the ability. I’m interested to see if updating my Shield Portable to CM will allow this to work and if reicast and N64 emulators will be updated to use Vulkan as well.

      • ProtonDestron says:

        The SoC inside Shield Portable is Tegra 4, which does not support Vulkan in hardware (Tegra K1 and onward only).

  4. Rxtom says:

    Dos the lg g6 support vulkan ? I thought it would because of the s7, but when I choose vulkan enven after the restart the openGL still selected

  5. Smoker1 says:

    So when will this be widely Available?????

  6. lollypop says:

    can somebody please write a webmod mod remote gamesserver or multiman gamesserver tutorial for linux
    from compiling the tools till making /usr/local/ps3gameserver service with start and stop init.d
    preferred one dump for ferror482cobracfw-syscon with all the pkg’s and services … thanks in advance
    is the ps3 tutorials still active ? is there ppsspp for ps3 ? is there something like ppsspp-server ?
    what are the better ps3 tutorials ? goodluck godspeed

  7. Muzz says:

    Anyone else having issues with it force closing ?.Vulcan does make a massive difference though on one plus 2

  8. Exmen says:

    Galaxy s6 also support vulkan … tekken 6 run all time at 60fps… huge performance

  9. alvin1122 says:

    thats good for snap dragon version

  10. alvin1122 says:

    thats compatible for snapdradon version android