You can now run homebrews on Nintendo Switch 3.0.0, but…


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  1. Luis Gabriel

    How I can found a Nintendo Switch on 3.0.0 or below ?

  2. Cpasjuste


    I’m looking at it too, trying to get my hand on a 3.0 unit 😡

  3. Cpasjuste

    I’m looking at it too, trying to get my hand on a 3.0 unit 😡

  4. For those who want a switch unit on 3.0.0 or lower follow this community made spread sheet

  5. vash32

    If your looking for a NEW Nintendo Switch on 3.0.0, I can say for sure that the new Splatoon 2 set is on 3.0.0. (That’s what’s at my Wall-mart)

    • Albert C

      Yup, I can confirm this as well. It’s too bad I had to update to 3.01 in order for Mario Odyssey to work. 🙁

  6. I always update at the worst possible time ever.

  7. Cheapskate

    You could “buy” Pokken from GameStop pre-owned. Upgrade. Then return it. They have a 7 day policy on pre-owned games.

  8. masterzed

    onlye on fw 3.0.0? can i stay on fw 2.0 for the homebrew?

    • azoreseuropa

      No, read the developer. They said go to 3.0.0. No 2.0 for the homebrew. You can rent as above and update to 3.0.0. 🙂

  9. Daniel Tome

    just go to local video rental place and rent pokken

    • andoryuu3

      Easier said than done considering most rental stores in the US have closed shop.

      • Sumgir

        GameFly before you buy 😉

        • The Switch sux / weak fanboy "console".

          Kudos for that brilliant advise.
          Did that for a few years of “sampling” 360 games.

        • SwineAdam

          GameFly is a TERRIBLE service. even when they say they support FastReturns for your mailing address/location they are STILL an outright terrible service.

          right… sign-up and put in for a game that says “available now” and wait 3days just for it to even ship, then wait a whole week to receive it, then wait a whole week to return and wait another 3days for GameFly to say it is actually returned. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!

          i have tried this service 3 times, each with a year apart from each other. each time they claimed to support this so-called FastReturns service. nope… lies all lies. pft… if that is what they call fast, i would hate to see slow.

          $14.99 to rent a game for 5~7 days? no thanks! not when i go rent it at the local Family Video $8 for 5days. LOL!!!

  10. lonewolfryuu

    So just homebrews for now?, so is it safe to assume playing backups is almost a reality or still up in the air?

  11. lonewolfryuu

    This site is weird, stupid comments like “first” gets posted while normal posts concerning the topic don’t even make the cut

    • z2

      it’s because posts here is organized by time and date of posting with the first on top instead of upvotes like reddit, that’s why first posts are a holy grail and will still be seen after many many years, thus the race for “first” posts.

      • hmmmm

        That still depends on the actual amount of comments. If page 2 is reached, posts from that one will be shown first.

      • Sumgir

        Yeah, and what else do they gain in the end cause clearly a lot of people want first, but even if you get first people will only ever hate you for 1 of 2 reasons
        1: You have first, and they hate you cause they don’t have first.
        2: You claimed first, and only waste time, and space down here in the comments where a meaningful conversation could take place

        • lonewolfryuu

          #2 makes perfect sense, i made a post earlier asking about the topic and it never got posted, while my second post which wasn’t anything topic related (as seen above) got posted, this is some weird *** imo and it happened to me a bunch of times lol!

    • SeanP2500

      i had posted a link to my hello world vid for nintendo switch and it wasn’t allowed…

  12. Psvitabackfromrip

    If the switch can play homebrew “now” can it play retails games that have been uploaded to the net already as long as tjey are 3.0?

    • Wololo

      No you idiot. This now where near piracy. Have you even read the developer statements? No cuz you only want to pirate games blind fool.

  13. Hannity

    After this week 3.0 switches will be obsolete. Nin has been factory shipping 3.0.1 and up so start saving up to buy a 3.0 on a auction. At the end it’ll be worth it look at ps3 ps4 and 3ds plus vita : )

  14. Dr.Snuggels

    Got the Game today for 42Euro new… So who wants it for 30 euro??

  15. switch1

    Just bought one from shop.. Machine is 3.0. Actually I feel most of them still 3.0 in the shop.. because not many people interest Nintendo switch.. Maybe next shippment will be 3.01/3.02…

  16. STGEVE

    3.02 already selling on EBAY from major retailers, found out the hard way this week.

  17. hmmm

    why stay on 3.0 for such an early exploit when all the good games will be released on a higher firmware…..e.g mario.

  18. Jason

    Just bought a switch from Australian retailer still running version 1.0.0 must not have sold many in my middle town.

  19. Beef

    How do I check my system menu version?

  20. blakkheartt12

    I bought two Switches when they came out. One so I can keep playing and one for homebrew. 🙂 I did go ahead and buy pokentournement dx to keep from having to buy it when prices double, and only to upgrade. No interest in playing it.

  21. Sal

    I guess staying on 3.0.0 we are still good playing Zelda BOTW since its on a lower software version. Just stay offline

  22. dasda

    I wonder if I got 3.0.0
    is that mean I can hack and play any unofficial pirate games however I like. is that yes or no?
    reading above too much for my english. all I can read is from beginning until the word “worth buying pocket dx to update to 3.0.0”

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