PS3 Firmware 4.82 released, one year after last update & mere days after 4.81 exploit revealed


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  1. Megumihanx3

    Just Give up now you stupid Sony no one buying your games anymore at the PS3 model and all your Customers are in PS4 now and even not releasing a new Handheld console that will compete switch Karma is everything lol XDD

    AND Why wont you just leave alone this amazing people and let them hack the PS3 fully they and for over a year you just gonna release a new patch 4.82 tsk give up now Sony

    • Serge Perks

      People still but and play and get online with PS3 consoles. Give them credit for not totally giving up on the older generation console like Xbox had done

    • Hi, I'm Kaz Hirai

      How many times you will repeat the same thing? A Vita successor is not happening. Give up.

    • Jake

      Do you know how much people still play PS3?

    • dsad

      ps vita is the one that is abandon in my country now. the shop use to sell consoles game. ps3 is older but they still sell ps3 games. but last 3 month I visited the shop and they said that vita is longer selling because vita is no longer popular. I trying to sell my vita to the shop and the shop usually acept but with 1 or 2 dollars but now it is a no. even just want to trade with 1 dollar and they refuse.

      • Megumihanx4

        dsad+ at what country are you from do you realize that the price of vita is still expensive in my country if your gonna buy a second hand or brand new

  2. Ken

    Just wondering if i factory reset my ps3 and don’t put on wifi or wired will my ps3 update from 4.81 to 4.82 without internet ?

  3. Derrick

    Dont upgrade to newest version. Just tried updating to 4.82 and now get 8002F002 error. Wont install and cant get into safe mode. suggestions appreciated. TIA. Googling not much help at the moment…

  4. Jesse'

    Thanks for letting us know

  5. niclick

    Good thing game injection still works.

  6. dsad

    it’s been 9 month I do not use ps3. I believe I can haha

  7. Meh

    The link takes you to 4.82 now 🙁 Glad I put CFW on mine ages ago.. and forgot about it!

  8. Franky

    How much resources do they have to waste to roll out an update to patch exploits like this? Wastes time on patching exploits and doesn’t know how to handle the handheld market. That’s the Sony way!

  9. hazardguy

    This page still has 4.81 as of now
    unless sony is…lying!

  10. Anon

    Wololo, can you please post the checksum for 4.81?

  11. NDS

    They’ve updated the update page to 4.82.

  12. ZeroSbr

    At least now we know that Sony is still paying attention to the PS3. Hackers should probably wait another year or two before releasing another hack/exploit just to be safe.

  13. Zant

    Confirmed by me it blocks the IDPS exploit on slim 2501A, I’m flashing back to 4.81CFW now.

    DO NOT UPDATE. Likely the patched the entry points for the upcoming hack as well, I don’t have the leaked files to play with.

  14. Rastan

    Any place where to download the 4.81 fw?

  15. Durk

    Wow! Thank you, Internet!

  16. Isdihaj

    Please someone tell me what are the new things with this new update 4.82

    • JustMe

      “Stability updates”.

    • d4rk51d3


      • Jeramy

        Funny thing is, if you go back and look at ALL the updates from OFW 4.55 up to 4.82 you will notice a trend. The PS3 updates from 4.55, (released in 2013), up to 4.82, (released a month ago) are ALL “Stability Updates” which is BS as the PS3 browser, PSN store, Game installs, Game loading, Store Downloads in Que, etc.. are all still as slow, buggy, and horrible to use so we KNOW that they are NOT stability patches but instead they are patches to keep CFW and ODE users offline, and to patch holes in security, nothing more.

        My advice to Sony is, forget the PS3 now. They, (Sony), stopped even selling PS3’s in stores brand new well over a year ago, and there are no new games for it any longer, and the best games online are now all but completely dead, and near all servers for PS3 games are now offline. Our last great game online is Demons Souls, and it goes offline in a few days, PS3’s era has ended.

        Instead, now that the PS4 has been hacked, Sony needs to FOCUS on the PS4 now, forget the PS3 and Vita and let the hackers play with those toys. Sony should now focus on getting the PS4 as hack free as possible so the online gaming is not compromised as people PAY for it now this generation. So hopefully Sony gets their act together, and realize whats important, and let the dinosaur die already in peace.

  17. Whoever leaked the exploit did it with the intention of having sony hacks patch it. That being said imagine if the hacks at sony put as much effort to network security how your personal information wouldn’t be stolen or garbage network services using ps plus? Way to go sony for such great work.. you losers at sony should be aware i am being sarcastic.

  18. dustyy

    One one hand its good, because there are still active communities in online games like Warhawk, MW2 etc. and if everyone had a CFW all these games would turn into a bigger nightmare than they already are cause of cheaters.

  19. Jake

    Do you know how much people still play PS3

  20. :')

    I updated like a ***

  21. U.Flame

    Sonuvabitch I was planning to transfer my Minecraft world from the PS3 version to PS4. If I had only done that earlier, I would have no need to update. I hope this firmware is still homebrew capable.

  22. Marc R

    I am glad to see Sony hasn’t thrown in the garbage the ps3. Yes, it’s outdated, but people with less budget can enjoy their ps3 with roughly 100~200 more bucks than if they would’ve bought a ps4.
    Quick reminder that not everyone can afford luxury.

  23. AyushMadaan

    Hi, I accidently updated my firmware to 4.82, and Multiman stopped working after that with 80010017 error. but luckily “install packages menu” is still there in game column, that means i am still on CFW. Do anyone know how to fix Multiman??