PSVita Release: psvpfstools lets you decrypt the PFS filesystem

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  1. GoldEXP

    So will this allow backups for games that require 3.61?

      • Billy

        But i thought the issue was the encryption?

        • 0v3r cl0ck3d

          I think what it means is that it can theoretically decrypt 6.61+ games but we still need a 3.61+ kexploit to get the decryption key.

        • Cypherous

          They can decrypt the files to see the contents of things like sounds and images, the file that actually boots the game requires another key which isn’t known

        • Nope

          Actually you are correct. In the literal use of the word “backup” then yes this should theoretically allow for one to back 3.61+ games up. As for the implied use of the word “backup”, no this is not possible to run backups as has already been answered.

  2. Sido drake

    “Although most people were probably (content) with the possibility to do this directly on the PS Vita, being able to do it on a PC could help speed up the process” what do you mean by people content? Lots of mods?

  3. allen

    my 3.60 no update for a long time now. but for some reason it auto update and I don’t even friggin’ know. my home wifi off and vita not connected to internet for 3 month. just yesterday wifi on back and all I did is connect to wifi and vitashell turn on auto update. after that finish and I go to trophy and sync. and power off. today I just notice that my vita dissapear henkaku setting and check firmware and it fcking 3.65
    I don’t know what the f is going on here. thanks to henkaku enso. I still can access to vitashell and modelshell and other game that I installed. now I don’t even feel like I want to power off or reboot. ***. this is happened to me. 3.65 fck. in setting I tried going to playstation network and it said need to update firmware. and when I go to system update and it said firmware is up to date. ***
    I really need help guys. I don’t want to have 2 vita running 3.65. fck what have I done. I hope if I can replace something seem I still can access to my vitashell. hope if I can replace system. help me here.

  4. KyonDW

    so, does it have to do with henkaku for 3.61+ ???

  5. XEvil

    Can someone share binaries for win7 64? I can’t compile from the source. Running bat file leaving me with a bunch of files and i can’t make executable from them. Any advice or compiled file would be welcome