PS3 4.81 exploit: IDPS Dumper released, and latest status of the exploit


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33 Responses

  1. MFSGameplay

    Can’t wait……

  2. jun

    im in sony ofw 4.7x.
    i need to update 4.81 ?

  3. nebu_187

    when dreams come true… 😀

  4. R4pt0r_esP

    CECH-3004A users won’t be able to take advantage of the exploit?

  5. Keplar7

    “software downgrades for cfw compatible consoles”

    3.55 is still required to use CFW, as the CFW uses the old keys that were leaked “back in the day”.

    The software downgrade allows any console which was shipped with 3.55 or lower, to downgrade in order to install CFW, without the need of a hardware flasher. Greatly expanding the potential units for the average user to use as a CFW system.

  6. Some1

    @ Raptor according to the article not initially due to 3k and 4K metldr. They will work on a henkaku type exploit afterwards. They advise to not update past 4.81.

  7. Mizerê

    That´s so *** great as a have a CECHA01, that no one does the hardware downgrade. Playing PS2 games in native way will be awesome

  8. Icedcream

    Exciting times…. I remember using an old ipod back in the day to exploit my old 40gb.
    Hopefully my new ps3 won’t ylod!

  9. unknoken

    and how about the first ps3 fat?

  10. benn

    Hi! I got my ps3 idps using the IDPS dumper. What is the use of it?

  11. Lollypop

    Does This mean we get a USB device type b for the vita? Aka psplinkusb or vitalinkusb?

  12. anonymity

    I just checked my ps3 and it’s a ****2011 model. I bought it used like 3 years ago, it has 500gb hard drive. My question is with the new terms of agreement I accepted (because I also have a vita and ps4) how can I avoid anymore updates on my ps3 if by chance another update arrives while I’m downloading some of the games I’ve bought? I’m asking because if I remember correctly it said in the new terms sony could automatically install new updates…

  13. Megumihan

    Finally for over a year now this thing is happening Software downgrade is what we need

  14. Nightspell

    Sony just released firmware 3.82.

  15. RandomPersonOnTheInternet

    I didn’t understand that “Hen type” hack for Superslims, what things will it be able to do?

    • Reymon

      like vita before enso

      • Ale

        that will be awesome too, i have a psvita with henkaku r10 and that patch is enought for me.. you can install native games, psp games, emulators, software, others stuff and more..
        thanks to the team for this release.. gamers: keep faith!

  16. spiros11

    what about cech 3004b? will i be able to put cfw?