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PS4: Interview with SpecterDev and update on the 4.05 Exploit


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34 Responses

  1. Lui says:

    Awesome interview!

    • spok says:

      yup but cant believe that only one guy is working on this – was expecting hackers from asia to come up with JB to make $ like with PS3:)

  2. random guy says:

    Could an exploited system be used to have backwards compatibility?

  3. juansbeck says:

    kernel exploit in the club., in the group =)

  4. Gelson says:

    Nice interview!

  5. jhonny says:

    excuse my ignorance, i am at fw 3.55, i could upgrade to 4.05 without any problems?

  6. nebu_187 says:

    PS4… PS3… Wait and see. No one releases anything but only blabla to the bla.

  7. jhonny says:

    and updating to 4.05 which games will you be able to play?

    • spok says:

      practically everything on bluray until 2017 since 4.06 was out in November so i bet that all of games from 2016 work on 4.05 or lower 🙂

  8. Frank says:

    CFW means “welcome back P.T.”

    • Truthseeker says:

      why the heck are people so infuriated with an demo of an scrapped game?
      I really cant wrap my head around that, since the demo wasnt really that “complex”
      to keep replaying it….

    • Chepiro says:

      Hey i have P.T and i have back up of the game on my hard drives

  9. Vii says:

    Damm ! Guy hurry up time is up
    generation in the of life and nothing so far …
    make F@cKing H0mbr3w

  10. meysam25 says:


  11. lol says:

    a lot of talk for nothing every year

  12. dimitri says:

    i guarantee all of you. no ps4 jailbreak will release until 2020 or later…. so my suggestion..continue your lives and come back here in a couple of years to seek a ps4 jailbreak …!!!!

  13. Azure says:

    lol. Fake !

  14. nice_9 says:

    Shame, was looking forward to 4.05 exploit.
    Looking forward to all the xmas fakers coming soon ;/

  15. willf says:

    PS4 scene is a joke.
    I bought a nintendo switch today for some homebrew fun.

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