PS4: Interview with SpecterDev and update on the 4.05 Exploit


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53 Responses

  1. Lui

    Awesome interview!

    • spok

      yup but cant believe that only one guy is working on this – was expecting hackers from asia to come up with JB to make $ like with PS3:)

  2. random guy

    Could an exploited system be used to have backwards compatibility?

  3. juansbeck

    kernel exploit in the club., in the group =)

  4. Gelson

    Nice interview!

  5. jhonny

    excuse my ignorance, i am at fw 3.55, i could upgrade to 4.05 without any problems?

  6. nebu_187

    PS4… PS3… Wait and see. No one releases anything but only blabla to the bla.

  7. jhonny

    and updating to 4.05 which games will you be able to play?

    • spok

      practically everything on bluray until 2017 since 4.06 was out in November so i bet that all of games from 2016 work on 4.05 or lower 🙂

  8. Frank

    CFW means “welcome back P.T.”

    • Truthseeker

      why the heck are people so infuriated with an demo of an scrapped game?
      I really cant wrap my head around that, since the demo wasnt really that “complex”
      to keep replaying it….

    • Chepiro

      Hey i have P.T and i have back up of the game on my hard drives

  9. mtn

    ye running emulator on a high-tech console is *** fun.
    enough with the ***… exploits are for piracy, if not it’s a waste of time.
    all these interviews are useless and u’ve probably noticed you’re losing your crowd.
    nobody cares about running damn emulators on your console, at least not the common person.

  10. Vii

    Damm ! Guy hurry up time is up
    generation in the of life and nothing so far …
    make F@cKing H0mbr3w

  11. meysam25


  12. lol

    a lot of talk for nothing every year

  13. dimitri

    i guarantee all of you. no ps4 jailbreak will release until 2020 or later…. so my suggestion..continue your lives and come back here in a couple of years to seek a ps4 jailbreak …!!!!

  14. PlaGeRaN

    @Wololo just found this online, maybe hard drive decryption might not be impossible because of this:

    “Note: The drive is now setup for PlayStation 4 external storage and will be used as the default location for game and app installations. The PlayStation 4 file system is not recognized by Windows or Mac operating systems and will need to be reformatted for use with either.”

    Sounds like it’s compatible with all PS4’s from 4.50 and up (maybe linux supported)

  15. Azure

    lol. Fake !

  16. nice_9

    Shame, was looking forward to 4.05 exploit.
    Looking forward to all the xmas fakers coming soon ;/

  17. willf

    PS4 scene is a joke.
    I bought a nintendo switch today for some homebrew fun.


    18 days later,any update ?

  19. fab0

    So sony put the scares on that true?

  20. jphnt5

    hi everyne. where is the relaese?