Hydra Castle Labyrinth port released for the Vita/PSTV – Yet another great side scroller to play on the go!


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  1. Hedgehog


  2. Bob

    So i was thinking about 3.61+ games and their potential future (fingers crossed) play ability on 3.60, and here is what i was wondering: if someone where to take a game released in japan, and dump that and then take that same game that released in eu/us in 3.61+ and dump that ( which is now possible with the new tools) would it be possible to analyse them side by side and break the encryption? Now i know that the games are slightly different, being from different languages etc, but i was wondering if they were similar enough to help. or what about taking a psn only release that got a print run on limited run games and maybe isolating the portion stopping the game from running on the cart? I doubt it will be possible to play 3.61+ games from the cart period, but the ability to dump my currently owned 3.61+ games and put them on a sd2vita would be a great improvement. Now this is coming from someone with very limited knowledge, so i am sure that neither of my proposed ideas would actually work on paper, but damn do they sound nice.

  3. p0ng

    Where can I find more cool games like this?

    • doo

      Developer is E. Hashimoto. He tried selling some of these games but gave up on that, however he managed to sell their rights to a company… that’s likely Nicalis since they mistakenly had the Hydra Castle Labyrinth on one of their Nintendo Switch coverage.

      The dev made these, plus smaller games (like King which is a puzzle platformer, or a Snake like game, or a basic shooter)

      Buster (X68000)
      Buster (PC, 2006) (platformer, hard as nails)
      Akuji the Demon (platformer)
      Guardian of Paradise (zelda inspired)
      Hydra Castle Labyrinth (metroidvania inspired by msx stuff like maze of galious, similar to la-mulana)

      All of them are on PC, though Hydra Castle Labyrinth had a port for the 3DS (with source code for it and unfinished Wii and PSP ports that I’m sure were useful for this Vita port) but it was anonymously on 4chan.

  4. p0ng

    To install:

    1. Install HCL.vpk
    2. Extract HCL.zip file to ux0:data/
    3. Enjoy 🙂

  5. Sloppycrap

    Configurable buttons please. Maybe that’s easy enough that I can write the patch myself.

  6. Scrappy

    Cool artwork!

  7. Manekineko

    The sound glitches and gets distorted from time to time, generally when switching or repeating tracks. Other than that, a pretty decent game; very reminiscent of Maze of Galious, but more fair and without the ugly MSX graphics.

  8. lollypop

    so is there already ps3 webkit for henkaku or is the shareexploit still hot ?
    some question for ps4 is there allready ps4 webkit henkaku vpk ?
    waiting greatly

  9. Syncnel

    Nice, i’ll try this.

  10. Ganix

    why is it only black screen on my ps vita? anyone has same problem?

  11. a

    Maybe you installed the game on an unsupported folder.
    v.1.1 got recently released, check if that fixes your problem.

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