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Review: Srident reselling SD2Vita 3.0 adapters – Finally looks like a Vita cartridge!


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  1. Dmaskell92 says:

    This is literally no different from my SD2Vita 3.0

  2. kyuubicle says:

    Gotta ask: what is the VitaShell themed used in this image:

    Because it looks so nice and functional…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why isn’t this article deleted? Are you getting a cut? Those adapters have been available on ebay for more than 2 months. So first of all, the guy you are advertising for didn’t create them, and this isn’t news.

    • Alaster says:

      wow, you are being rude for no reason… You have 0 authority to demand anything like this and next to 0 grounds to demand something like this. Seriously, if you disagree with the article you could always dismiss it. If you disagree with the author’s ethic you could always make a point or (simply) stop reading this webpage. No need to be salty…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and what’s worse, your reseller is more expensive than the Chinese sellers on ebay (where he got his supply).

  5. nebu_187 says:

    hackinformer sells sd2vita plus i am more confident in their quality and happy to support them too.

  6. The Business Rabbit says:

    Strident does not send another for a damaged unit and doesn’t bother to answer e-mails.

    Ateast by just reselling should last more than a couple of weeks. Here’s my two cents: considering that Strident gave no warranty whatsoever and could not bother to answer emails about faulty units, you are better off just ordering from AliExpress, where you have a ratting system and incentives form sellers to address problems

  7. Alaster says:

    Thank you for the article, Aurora. All being said, would there be any point (other than supporting him, obviously) in buying it if I have already bought another sd2vita version 3.0 adpter ?

  8. BlumCoLe says:

    “catridge” <3

  9. elidibiz says:

    another somewhat misguided article. not to mention you clearly were unaware Srident is just reselling Chinese products.
    could’ve at least mentioned these DO NOT fit in slim models. the flap won’t close.

    • Aurora says:

      Any proof that they don’t fit? This is the first time I heard they don’t fit in Vita Slim models and it strikes me as odd since they seem to be the same dimensions as a normal Vita cartridge.

      • elidibiz says:

        The Slim flap has a plastic bit on each side that sits next to the “curvature” at the top of retail cartridges. Even though they’re the same size, these adapters are more square-ish, leaving no room for those 2 bits, so the flap can’t close properly. The flap in fat models doesn’t have those, so it doesn’t affect them.
        My phone’s broken but there’s a thread on gbatemp with pictures.

  10. demianxldc says:

    this is true, support 256GB?


  11. elidibiz says:

    The Slim flap has a plastic bit on each side that sits next to the “curvature” at the top of retail cartridges. Even though they’re the same size, these adapters are more square-ish, leaving no room for those 2 bits, so the flap can’t close properly. The flap in fat models doesn’t have those, so it doesn’t affect them.
    My phone’s broken but there’s a thread on gbatemp with pictures.

  12. Atomsk says:

    I wouldn’t feel comfortable using his website since he doesn’t have any kind of https support either using SSL/TLS. It’s not a safe or secure site.

  13. sempai says:

    i got mine for 700php which is 15$ in u.s.. but it really holds out. no problems so far.

  14. Equinox says:

    I have a V1 Srident and had a lot of issues with.
    Sometimes I booted up the vita and it was loading for 5 min and finally the Livearea was empty and the adapter wasn’t properly detected, sometimes it worked…. very random connectors.

    Then I’ve bought one of those V3 on eBay a few weeks ago for a few Euros, and it works perfectly, no more issues.

    • Aurora says:

      I used Srident’s v1 adapter since I received it in July until I stopped using it last week because I received this v3 one. I had 0 issues with the v1 adapter.

  15. Johnny Love says:

    Out of Stock

  16. Aaron says:

    I have bought, paid for, and been charged for TWO of these and haven’t received either of them. Have never gotten a confirmation email. I’ve emailed about it, to find out what the deal was, never got a response. I ended up going through E-Bay’s and PayPal’s, “request a refund,” options.

  17. Vitagaming says:

    I could use a christmas present like a vita adapter and I would order a blue case to go with my vita color if ever someone makes one. Imo not having a setup guide is upsetting to somw but it could be added at any time later anyways.

  18. A.A.H says:

    I’ll be buying a PSTV soon and I can only buy stuff from Aliexpress and they actually offer an SD2VITA 3.0, how do I distinguish between knockoffs and originals???

  19. DaMeZ says:

    Hi Aurora I enjoy reading your articles dunno why people complain they don’t have to read it… Keep up the good work 🙂

  20. AD2076 says:

    Ordered one on friday, as soon as I get it I’ll briefly review it to confirm or dispel doubts you guys wrote up here

  21. Osoreshi says:

    By chance, does anyone know how to ship these to Argentina?

  22. Mathias says:

    Bought two a few weeks ago and they arrived without issues. Those had white text on them. I then bought two additional ones (for friends) and they arrived with red text instead. When checking his page it says: “NOTE : This is the RED version (the fixed version)”. Ehm.. what does he mean by “fixed version”? Tried emailing him a couple of days ago but answer yet. Is there some problems with the WHITE text version? I haven´t had any time to try them yet to be honest…

    • Psxplay says:

      I bought one and it doesn’t work, I’ve tried everything from setting up from scratch, swapping different memory cards etc. I even thought maybe there was a different driver for these v3 cards. Whatever I do the Vita will boot and just continually read the card until it gets to a point of freezing,

      I’ve contacted him twice and no reply, so buy at your own risk.

    • elidibiz says:

      The Chinese used hot glue to hold together the casing. It damaged lots of boards. They “fixed” it (as in, not using hot glue) in the red version.

  23. AD2076 says:

    As promised here’s my brief review:
    Got the red version of the adapter today. I placed the order last Friday so I can say shipping to Italy was quick.
    It was well packaged and protected by a plastic case.
    It works flawlessly.
    I moved VitaShell, molecularShell and some other stuff to ur0, used Switch SD2Vita ( moved to ur0 as well) to install the drivers and switch sd mountpoint between ux0 and uma0. My sd and Vita memory card are the same size and the switch trick allows me to install and play games on both.
    I am really satisfied with the adapter and Aurora’s review.

    Please note I am not affiliated with wololo’s staff nor Strident and I paid the adapter

  24. Yooman says:

    There is no single piece, it says .More please 🙁

  25. James says:

    I got one of this. This thing is not that stable since sometimes it may lose respond to your PSVita, which cause games to freeze or stuck on the loading screen. Putting the Vita in hibernate mode then turn it back on could solve the problem. And the speed is EXTREMELY slow while installing huge VPK files directly in the VitaShell. (over 1GB, usually pirated games packed in VPK. The install speed is somehow locked at a steady speed of 256KB/s, which is a phenomenon that never shows up on a original memory card. )

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