Review: Srident reselling SD2Vita 3.0 adapters – Finally looks like a Vita cartridge!


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  1. Dmaskell92

    This is literally no different from my SD2Vita 3.0

  2. kyuubicle

    Gotta ask: what is the VitaShell themed used in this image:

    Because it looks so nice and functional…

  3. Anonymous

    Why isn’t this article deleted? Are you getting a cut? Those adapters have been available on ebay for more than 2 months. So first of all, the guy you are advertising for didn’t create them, and this isn’t news.

    • Alaster

      wow, you are being rude for no reason… You have 0 authority to demand anything like this and next to 0 grounds to demand something like this. Seriously, if you disagree with the article you could always dismiss it. If you disagree with the author’s ethic you could always make a point or (simply) stop reading this webpage. No need to be salty…

  4. Anonymous

    Oh, and what’s worse, your reseller is more expensive than the Chinese sellers on ebay (where he got his supply).

  5. nebu_187

    hackinformer sells sd2vita plus i am more confident in their quality and happy to support them too.

  6. The Business Rabbit

    Strident does not send another for a damaged unit and doesn’t bother to answer e-mails.

    Ateast by just reselling should last more than a couple of weeks. Here’s my two cents: considering that Strident gave no warranty whatsoever and could not bother to answer emails about faulty units, you are better off just ordering from AliExpress, where you have a ratting system and incentives form sellers to address problems

  7. Alaster

    Thank you for the article, Aurora. All being said, would there be any point (other than supporting him, obviously) in buying it if I have already bought another sd2vita version 3.0 adpter ?

    • Aurora

      Nope, not at all. Even if you have a v1 that you’re happy with, you don’t need another one in my opinion 🙂

  8. BlumCoLe

    “catridge” <3

  9. elidibiz

    another somewhat misguided article. not to mention you clearly were unaware Srident is just reselling Chinese products.
    could’ve at least mentioned these DO NOT fit in slim models. the flap won’t close.

    • Aurora

      Any proof that they don’t fit? This is the first time I heard they don’t fit in Vita Slim models and it strikes me as odd since they seem to be the same dimensions as a normal Vita cartridge.

      • elidibiz

        The Slim flap has a plastic bit on each side that sits next to the “curvature" at the top of retail cartridges. Even though they’re the same size, these adapters are more square-ish, leaving no room for those 2 bits, so the flap can’t close properly. The flap in fat models doesn’t have those, so it doesn’t affect them.
        My phone’s broken but there’s a thread on gbatemp with pictures.

  10. demianxldc

    this is true, support 256GB?