VitaShell 1.76 released for the PSVita/PSTV – Important bug fix and license restoring features


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  1. jrazorman

    I love vita shell! thank you so much.

  2. FrameGame

    I really needed this update in my life the crashes where just obscene it only ever happened when I tried to copy between Sd2Vita ux0:/ – Mem uma0:/, and I had to do that a lot recently for space management

  3. pez2k

    Regarding the editorialising in the article, the following quotes from VitaSmith in the pull request are very pertinent:

    ‘The applications that create/manipulate the DB are coming. … This is only for early adopters, who want to play with the DB before the user-friendly tools are added that automate this task.’

    ‘Obviously, I also need to point out that this is still an early and experimental feature, which I’m pushing out in the open so that people can test it and bugs/issues can be addressed.’

    In short, it’s not intended to be something easy to understand for the layman, this is an early release for testing by those who know what they’re doing. Nice tools and writeups are coming later.

  4. Kruste

    To clarify: does this mean we will be able to download games from the PlayStation Store again, even with a Henkaku/Enso-enabled Vita?

  5. allen

    just yesterday when I go into vitashell and turn off auto update setting in vitashell. and after get this version. today I just notice that for some reason my vita firmware auto update in unknown time but between yesterday and today. now I have two 3.65 damn. 2 years vita even connect to internet and leave it through night. no auto-update. but for some reason today damn. must be someone fault

  6. allen

    thanks to henkaku enso already installed in there. so now I still can get access to pirate games and vitashell and modelshell. can I have somebody system file to replace 3.65 to back to 3.60. while I still can access to vitashell. help please

  7. afehst

    Tho whom encounter Error 0x80101114 or error 0x80101139 at installing an update for vitaShell, it seem to happen when VitaShell has been moved to the internal storage.

    To fix it:
    – install Application Storage Manager v0.02 by Lupo511
    – move vitaShell back from internal to storage (second option)
    – install VitaShell update through Molecularshell (it should be working now), after this you can move vitaShell back to the internal storage if you like

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