New PSVita Homebrew, PKGi


I enjoy hacking Sony/Nintendo consoles. <3

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  1. ujang


  2. mmozeiko

    your => you are.

  3. ANU815

    Search for “NoPaystation" for the online db of licenses

  4. you wilMike Hawk

    “There are installation instructions on the GitHub page

    It is a bit confusing to install if YOUR not very advanced, but the instructions are well explained.”

    Seriosly? Your?
    It’s you’re!

  5. RiotDX

    This looked pretty exciting when the first version dropped, but I think I’ll wait a week or two until it gets the unavoidable updates and bugfixes that early releases like this always get.

  6. Smoker1

    Hopefully they can find a way to make NoNpDRM able to be compatible with SD2Vita so Users wont lose it.

    • mmozeiko

      What? NoNpDrm is already compatible with sd2vita. There’s is nothing special you need to do to make both of them work together.

    • svennd

      it is compatible ? :/

      • Dragda

        Yes; i instaled today 3 NoNpdrm games into a 64gb sd with absolute no problem. And at the same time mantains the compatibility with mai files and vpk’s.

        • One

          How you do that?? I cant get it to work and cant get plug-ins to work with sd2vita. My config file must be missing something. Please help! lol

          • ANU815

            You are probably using the config.txt in ux0 when you should delete that and put everything in the config.txt in ur0

          • Dragda

            That’s the key. You have to config all the plugins in ur0. Adrenaline it’s working well too.

  7. mmozeiko

    > Update from wololo: it has come to our attention that there is no practical use for this tool except for “backups". I overlooked that when initially publishing the article. Due to our stance on the subject of piracy when it comes to the PS Vita, I have redacted the links from the article. Thanks for your understanding.

    What kind of hypocrisy is this? pkgi practical use is same as for NoNpDrm. And links to NoNpDrm are allowed here apparently. pkgi simply provides nice UI that installs Vita titles with NoNpDrm fake license. Its just easier to use rather than copying files around from/to PC. Its just does one extra thing – downloads title directly from Sony server. Without it you still need to keep your game files backed up. But these files are same for everybody – they are not user account specific. pkgi doesn’t do anything extra than pkg xTractor + NoNpDrm together in one UI. And for both of these tools there are links on this site.

  8. 7he6rim0ne

    i tried to figure this out, and i couldn’t. i’m not “advanced" in such things, but i can read english, so i thought i could figure out… nope 🙁 maybe my reason for wanting this is wrong? can someone tell me if using PKGi and PSDLE on my 3.60 Ensō will allow me to download psn titles i’ve bought but can’t d/l anymore because of the E-80558325 error?
    that’s all i *** want to do is d/l my own *** while on 3.60 Ensō!

  9. for your eyes only

    i don’t get it… you approve inane posts like “first" but when i have a legit question, you won’t post it?!

    • warfaren

      Some comments are automatically approved and some get caught in the filter. Not all are manually approved.

      I wish that system could be improved though, I’ve posted many comments that ended up taking so long to approve that noone seems to see them by the time they’re approved because most people moved on to other news articles.

  10. MeAmigo

    *** Vita… I want PS4 Jailbreak.

  11. Asbhel_Lhant

    Does this require Henkaku?

  12. lollypop


    # These are the steps I typically use to configure and compile Bochs.

    # Sony PSP
    set echo
    CFLAGS=”-I$INCDIR `$PSPBIN/sdl-config –cflags` -Wall -O2 -G0″
    CXXFLAGS=”$CFLAGS -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti”
    LDFLAGS=”`$PSPBIN/sdl-config –libs` -L`psp-config –pspsdk-path`/lib -lc -lpspglue -lc -lpspuser”

    export CC
    export CXX
    export CFLAGS
    export CXXFLAGS
    export ASFLAGS
    export LDFLAGS

    ./configure –verbose –with-sdl –disable-cdrom –host psp –prefix=`psp-config –pspsdk-path`/..

    unset echo

    what are the steps to compile this for vita or should i port psp specific makefile and parts headers and sources to vita ?
    thanks in advance

  13. 7he6rim0ne

    can PKGi be used with PSLDE? i just want to download games i paid for from PSN. no one can seem to fix the d/l error problem with 3.60 and i don’t want to give up Ensō use.

  14. enderzombie

    Oh whoops, sorry everyone about the links thing, I didn’t realise when writing the article.

  15. yoshi314

    “Due to our stance on the subject of piracy when it comes to the PS Vita, I have redacted the links from the article.”

    if you were true to your word, you’d take down the entire article as well. but i guess clicks are more important than principles.

    • enderzombie

      Just because the article talks about tools that can be used for piracy, it doesn’t mean the whole article has to be taken down, it will just trigger people who hate piracy.