PS4 Firmware 5.01 released, nobody knows what it does


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  1. reymon says:

    it´s happening dudes, is gonna blow!


  2. @Cool_Boy506 says:

    Whats really laughable is the error displayed when I asked for the “details” of 5.01 earlier today and was greeted with “You cannot access this page on this device, you must use a computer” but the ps4 system update page doesn’t even give/show you a URL which is really stupid s0ny.
    Also, a fellow gamer documented a problem where as he updated to 5.01, system firmware still says 5.00 and has not been able to access the xmb when in a game randomly.
    Having to shut off ps4 entirely.
    This may prove that this update was hastily done and changed some important data and wasn’t a minor a update as what the .01 increment suggests.
    I believe that this update may possibly address flatz way of installing unsigned pkgs to play back ups because yesterday his youtube channel which had a video of him displaying the exploit completely terminated along with the video which gives me the believe that s0ny wanted to hush and deal with this ASAP.

  3. Hehehe says:

    Whatta ya mean nobody knows what it does? It only does EVERYTHING.

  4. a7mag3ddon says:

    Doesnt fix potential hack vectors based on the code that was released earlier in the week?

    Im sure Sony were hotly looking at that code to see what they could do to patch up more vulnerabilities once they saw how hackers were trying to get in.

    to be expected.

  5. unhide says:

    There’s no way they’d patch a kernel exploit and make it optional.

  6. Derek says:

    It fixes WPA2 exploit

  7. Korneluius says:

    I hope am not tooooo late for it, but i unplugged my ps4 from the internet this week on 5.00 and i hope there will be a public hack for it in some weeks or months.
    Wanted to upgrade from my launchday ps4 to a pro anyway.

  8. Trueseiya says:

    Maybe can realease in the next update,who know that?but the ACE is there now.

  9. PlaGeRaN says:

    so they’ve taken a page from microsoft and started releasing (cough) “Service Pack” updates….. oh well

  10. nebu_187 says:

    5.01 tickles your fancy a bit more than 5.00

  11. np3228 says:

    according to reddit posts, it breaks your ps4. XD lol #facksony #swag #aintupgrading2ps4pro

  12. Gazra says:

    I am kinda thinking that it fixes some minor errors on the PS4 myself.

    I had quite a few problems lately because of kicking me from parties not allowing me to going online games or servers so I installed it and just like that all the errors were gone.

    Not sure personally but that was my experience to say the least.

  13. E-801809A8 says:

    More than 100k consoles have been bricked by update 5.00. It has to do with the update doing a hardware check. If something is off wit the bluray drive it gives error E-801809A8. You can roll back but no more online services without 5.00. Was hoping 5.01 would have a fix for us but no. It doesnt help us with error E-801809A8. The only solution Sony is offering is to send it in for repair. Some are getting free repairs/replacements out of warranty with the seals removed. Some are getting diddly squat. Unclear what Sony’s plan is with all these consoles. So my question to this community is; How hard is it to edit update 5.00 so it skips the hardware check?

  14. SceneInFire says:

    PS4 timeline in the past week:
    1- Firmware 5.01 released
    2- @flat_z confirm 5.01 exploit on twitter
    3- @flat_z gone (remove his personal information from twitter, include name and photo!!)
    What’s wrong with this picture?

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