PS4: How to get your hands on a PS4 with a 4.05 firmware or lower

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  1. nuno

    I just bought the ps4 slim blundle with uncharted 4 in the link that is available in this page, and I confirm that the firmware is 3.55.
    Thanks Wololo for simplify my life.

  2. Swanny

    4.06 came out 11/17/16, ps4 slim released 9/15/16 wouldn’t any sealed 1000 be below 4.06?

  3. Adem

    Ps4 Far cry primal bundle is released on 23rd February 2016 so it’s under 4.05

  4. CHRiS

    Thanks.. received my 3.50 ps4 from am Amazon today. Upgrading to 4.05. 🙂
    Big thanks.

  5. fresno

    I’ve just buy th bundle Ps4 “The Last Guardian CUH-2016B” with OFW 3.55 at Leclerc, Blainville just next to Caen in Normandy, France for 349 Euro.
    It rest two other bundles of Ps4 “The Last Guardian CUH-2016B”.
    If you hurry up, you might have a chance to find one.

  6. Kokar0

    Just to confirm, I just got my PS4 slim with COD infinite warfare/Modern Warfare remastered in Mexico, and it came with 4.01 firmware 😀
    Thank you so much for your information.

  7. zegeek33

    to complete, i found this post which was very helpfull to find a 4.05

    many thx to Wololo and Kei_Dash

  8. Patrik

    I just want something cleared. If my ps4 is updated to let’s say 5.00, can I downgrade with factory reset or am I sc***? I need to fins something that is already 4.05 or less?

  9. Duhmojo

    The “PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Bundle [Discontinued]” model linked above is shipped with firmware 4.06!!! Such a disappointment. I ordered it from, as linked above and its not 4.01, its black and 4.06. Notice there are a ton of resellers which are fulfilled by Amazon. Mine was “Shop For Happy (Tax Free)”, seriously. As far as buying a PS4 it was a great experience, but DO NOT ORDER THIS MODEL.

    • Persona

      I have ordered the same one on the 25th of Jan, but the seller wasn’t “Shop For Happy”. It was a limited stock at that time. I’m not sure when you ordered the item, but I guess the bundle was out of stock and the link have been redirected to a bunch of other resellers. As I’m living in Australia, the item hasn’t been arrived yet, expected delivery on the 9th of Feb. I hope it will be the right one we are digging.

  10. Loki

    I have just purchased the Destiny Taken King Bundle, I’ll update when it arrives from the States.

  11. HisokaRyodan

    Can confirm that the Destiny Taken Bundle came with 2.05 firmware. Am on 4.05, exploit going, and games installed without issue… probably one of the easiest hacks I’ve ever done 🙂

  12. Ahmed

    How to check the production date from the box?

  13. jsh

    i just bought a ps4 pro at 3.70 at a local store in canada, i will tell you guys how i did it

    step 1:

    go to a small town and to a store that isn’t known for selling electronics ( I chose a shoppers drug mart in beaumont alberta )

    step 2

    ask the clerk for what consoles they have, this one is very small so they wil take there time, i asked them to check for a phat ps4 ( i had to show them a picture of it ) and if there wasnt one of those i asked her to grab the oldest ps4 pro and slim that they had, she came back with a slim that was too new and my ps4 pro

    step 3

    check the back of the box, mine has horizon zero dawn described as ” coming 2017 ”

    step 4:

    convince them to let you open the box, there is a good chance that this console is manufactured in 2016 but if you wanted to double check this is the way to double check. they were hesitant at first but i asked if i could buy it and open it in store and if it was too new if i could return it, at this point she just said i could open it to check but if i damaged the box i had to buy the console reguardless. on the back it says manufactured sept 2016. i bought it then

    hope this helps i now happily have a 3.70 ps4 pro ( cuh-7015b )

  14. rednekcowboy

    I actually found a Destiny Taken King console on ebay for $300 CAD (works out good for me as the guy was close to me and I received the console in 2 days). Beautiful console, came in a ps4 box with all accessories and a sealed Uncharted 4 game and a white controller.

    I believe he has more available if anyone wants one. Comes with 2.51 or 3.11 firmware. A friend of mine also bought one and received it in 2 days. Both our consoles came with 2.51. 😀…774046?hash=item3afca4fc1e:g:UY0AAOSwgsxaTobn

    Came up to $342 CAD with taxes and shipping. Cheapest deal I’ve found a low firmware console yet and the guy is very good to deal with.

  15. broken

    Looking to clarify a downgrading question I have. I’ve simply read users say things like “can I downgrade” and the answer is no, but there’s no specifics.

    Let me ask: if I currently own an OLDER model PS4 (one of the original that for sure came with >4.05, can I downgrade?

  16. Mr x

    I ordered the destiny limited edition ps4. Ill Update when it arrives.

  17. tod

    i have ps4 that ses u update to 3.55 or above but usbs are broke and i dont have a firmware dl

  18. tod

    i have a old virson of ps4 ofw if any one needs it

  19. drsilva

    Every PS4 Slim 500gb new, comes with ofw 4.55 or lower

    following this chart:
    they stopped being manufactured before 4.70 release

  20. ViCiOuS-V

    My PS4 just came in! It’s the Destiny Taken King Limited Edition bundle BRAND NEW off of Amazon (with the link on here)
    Sold by Kanga Supply. Confirmed to be on 2.51 FW 😎

  21. Dtwenty

    Hi every one.

    Is this ps4 slim 4.55 or below:

    Ps4 slim 500gb

    CUH-2016A B01W



  22. Little harry richards

    So the limited edition blue e3 2018 slim ps4 comes with a firmware of 5.07.

  23. little harry richards

    Sorry I meant to say the Days of Play Limited edition PS4 comes with 5.07 ofw

  24. im5227

    Actually, the old “Phat" PS4 model with 500GB was discontinued in April 2017 (1TB discontinued in September 2016) with the 500 GB slim model both being replaced by the 1TB PS4 slim model.

  25. martman

    The 1 Tb Lego starwars bundle The force awakens comes on 4.0 firmware powered it up last night to check

    CUH-2016B Jet Black