kuriimu released – game translation toolkit for authors of fan translations

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  1. rit

    Great Job and tool!

  2. Yattoz

    OK let’s get it straight with japanese pronounciation :
    Kuriimu = cream
    kukkii = cookie
    karameru = caramel
    Very nice tool collection !

  3. Anon

    As someone who uses this I’m happy about the progress but the support is lacking at times.

  4. IcySon55

    Oh where did the comments go…

  5. Mamang

    @IcySon55 is Supported for PS Vita Game Based Unity?
    the tools generally great.. so it can be universal fan translation tools..

    • IcySon55

      Individual file formats are supported by individual plugins. Just about any format can be supported but plugins must be created.

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