Nintendo Switch firmware 4.0.0 released


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  1. manuel010


  2. cracker

    It would be nice if they added something good to the system like a video player or a web browser that didn’t need a workaround to open. It is pretty pathetic that the 3DS has these things (although minimal versions) and the Switch has nothing. The Vita totally puts it to shame even from what it had on day 1. Give me a reason to update, Nintendo!

    • pk

      i disagree, i was happy as to see that there wasnt any of that ***, and that nintendo decided to keep the switch as a dedicated gaming console.

  3. Booboo

    No wonder why I keep getting disconnected from Puyo Puyo Tetris with an error message to update my switch. Even at the time I went in to the system setting to update my Switch but I got a message telling me my system was up to date. I even lost some rank points because of getting DCed.

  4. InSAnE_Riot

    Just a heads up, the stock of Nintendo Switch on Amazon are on FW 3.0.1. I’ve purchased two of the grey bundles and both were on FW 3.0.1

  5. Gogo

    Comments aren’t showing

  6. Panda

    lol at that “match software with a group of local users”. Seems they’re getting desperate to get older firmware users to update by any means necessary.

  7. A7mag3ddon

    Comments are showing fine here.

  8. SsJVasto

    lol @ “Up to a maximum of the previous 30 seconds will be saved in the Album. You can trim the beginning and end of each clip, and post to Facebook and Twitter.”

    Wow, a whole 30 seconds?!? That puts PS4’s 15 minutes to shame!

  9. Mud

    Quick question, I have a 3.0.0 switch for the hack but it’s not profile activated anymore will it work with the hack?

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