Basilisk II for the PSVita/PSTV properly released! – Play SimCity 2000 and other games with touch controls on the go!


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  1. cracker

    Sweet! I need to play some Spin Doctor and Crystal Quest.

  2. ryanrudolf

    i cant figure out how to choose FILE under Volumes…… any tips?

    • ryanrudolf

      figured it out! its cool!

    • GilgameshThePugilist

      How did you figure it out? I’m still trying to figure out how to tell it where to find the OS file

      • GilgameshThePugilist

        Ok, so I figured out that you have to make a ux0:/data/BasiliskII directory first. Now to figure out how to create a bootable and installable volume…

        • GilgameshThePugilist

          Alright, I created a virtual hard drive/volume by using the Basilisk GUI for PC, and I was able to copy it over to my Vita (where it reformatted it, but it’s usable). I installed system 7.5.3 and it actually boots to it now.

          How do I install any games/applications on there?

  3. Smoker1

    Is it possible to Remap the Controls? For example:
    DPad / LJoystick: Directional Buttons
    Keyboard Letters or Numbers Mapped to the X, O, [], /\
    Space or 1 Mapped to the Start/Select
    Got a Game I have been wanting to try and run on Basilisk II on the Vita 😀 . Problem is, it came out in the Mid-Late 90s. Pong Kombat 3 😀

    • Aurora

      As for remapping controls, we have to pray that meetpatty will implement it.

      Pong Kombat 3 should work as it requires a 68k Macintosh 🙂

      • Smoker1

        Awesome! Thank you for answering that. Shame PK3 and Blood Pong never got continued. Also, only Demos can be found. I contacted the Devs of BP and PK3 to inquire if there would be a way to re-release it for later Systems/OS, but they did not keep a Archive of the Games. So if you find a Demo, that is as good as it will be unless you find a Unlock Code :'(

        • Smoker1

          Well I got PK3 working, and I got the Keys mapped…….just 1 tiny problem: No Space Bar (Start) 🙁

      • meetpatty

        Will implement as part of v0.4!

  4. juan

    Age Of Empires II ?

  5. Ambrosia

    Escape Velocity and Harry the handsome executive on the vita 🙂 awesome

  6. Marco

    Can you play Age of Empires with this?

  7. cracker

    Just an FYI for new users (or those who haven’t thought of it): Move the mouse to a blank area on the desktop and hit R+X then choose new folder. Then inside the hard drive go to System – Extensions and drag-drop anything to do with Open Transport, PPP, sharing and printers into the new folder on the desktop. This will save some room in RAM on your next boot and make it faster. Other things can be removed as well depending on what games you are wanting to run.

  8. GilgameshThePugilist

    It sounds like there are no keyboard mappings whatsoever. Sadly, playing Escape Velocity would require directional arrows.

    I’m going to have to give Civilization, Colonization, and Master of Orion a try on this.

  9. Patrick58

    Only works for firmware 3.60?

  10. DooMCakes

    Anyone have luck getting the Android version working? SimCity 2000 on my IPS tablet please 🙂

  11. Z0rk

    When do we get GPU-acceleration for emulators?

  12. rsn8887

    The emulator runs VERY smooth if you change refresh rate to 60 Hz in the menu.

    I got it to run Oxyd, Peroxyd, Oxyd Magnum, Oxyd Extra Dongleware Bolo and Sim City 2000. Sim City 2000 is a little slow but the other games run silky smooth! AMAZING!

  13. Smoker1

    Updated to 0.31
    Vita buttons can now be mapped to mac input events.
    Access menu using select key during emulation, Can be used to mount floppy/cdrom images and change button mapping.

  14. jd

    would be awesome if you could add support for uma0:// in addition to ux0://