PS4: Hacker Qwertyoruiop claims victory on Firmware 5.00


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62 Responses

  1. mmm says:

    bunch of exploits yet nothing has yet to be released.

    • Dinckelman says:

      The whole point in finding exploits is just to measure how big your e-dong is.

      But anyway, back to the discussion. There’s a reason why they don’t release anything publicly until later if ever, and it’s very simple. Imagine this. You stole something from a place you shouldn’t have been able to enter. Are you gonna immediately tell everyone about it on twitter? Well there you go.

      Software can be fixed, and they OBVIOUSLY wanna keep the doors open for as long as possible, so no one sane would release their source code or keys publicly so Sony would fix it the next day

      • Yama says:

        For the children who don’t understand the process and choose insults, allow me to better inform you on it. When an exploit is found, you keep it secret until it’s patched. The reason for this is if you released it right now, Sony would patch it tomorrow. So instead of firmwares 5.00 to 6.14 all being hackable, only 5.00 will be. Which is a waste of an exploit, you want it to work on the highest and most updated firmware so that it is capable of more. Now why announce it, only to keep it secret you might wonder? Well eventually Sony will find it on their own, they have teams dedicated to it. This announcement allows you to know that 5.00 is exploitable and you can choose to stay on 5.00 until you know which firmware is the highest hackable firmware, then you can update later. Nobody is doing it to tease you, nobody is doing it to act high and mighty, it is actually in your best interest that the process works this way, the way it always has. You’re welcome.

        • Fat Boi says:

          That makes no sense b/c what’s stopping a sony dev from reading articles like this “Out in Public” it would increase their awareness even without releasing the actual exploit….. Theres always an excuses behind these dvs, but at the end of the day its all just a show and tell article. Sony will always dish out updates regardless of the situation

          • ShadowEO says:

            Yes, but these articles are hardly technical enough for direct them to the exact vulnerability. Regardless, not only is it qwerty’s choice to release or not, but it is simply entitlement to cry “GIMME EXPLOIT OR U LYING KTHXPLZ”.

            The kiddies here aren’t realizing that an exploit is useless without an implementation, all those crying for release or calling him a fake obviously aren’t up to speed on hacking lore, or are doing so thinking that if enough people call him a fake he’ll release. He won’t. He shouldn’t. They’re doing it all because “muh piracy!”

            This scene deserves to die before it even begins if, still, a month after, it’s constituents can’t accept that maybe they aren’t entitled to every hack under the sun. As I said in my previous comment, behavior like what is found in %90 of the comments on this article, is exactly what almost caused the death of the PSP scene multiple times. Glad to see the Sony hacking fanbase is still as toxic as before.

      • laurorual says:

        What’s the point on keeping the doors open if no one can use it?

        • Xyrem says:

          The whole point is to let the end users the ability to play online & update, with the safety that you will be able to deploy the exploit on your own machine one day.

          If it get’s disclosed before, sony will just patch it and leave you behind.
          You will still have to wait for that exploit until it’s good for public uses anyway, but in a less advantageous position.

          (And that’s without talking about games having the ability to force you to update nowadays.)

      • Stevorkz says:

        Never compare what the scene devs are doing to stealing things. It gives the homebrew scenes bad name, an even more bad one.

      • boom says:

        but it’s never perfect.
        look for example on the 360 scene, always they released what they have,jtag for example known to hackers to potential blocks and still they release it,all dvd cfw blocked every time,king kong exploit,they are blocked and its fine thats the way is it.

  2. Night says:

    Yep. Not going to update anymore now :3

    • spok says:

      well then wait years until someone release something so you can finally play backups on PS4…like those 3 and more years old on 1.76 🙂

      • Night says:

        I havent touched my PS4 in a year. So yeah. It wont matter to me. I got PCs^^

        • rundownthatguy says:

          Same, hardly touch mine ever.
          I have a PS4 Pro I purchased a while back to play Uncharted 4 on since i sold my original PS4 a long time ago. Since beating the game it is just sitting collecting dust, on firmware 4.7something…
          SO, until an exploit comes along, it will continue collecting dust as I play games primarily on PC or Vita on-the-go…
          What I really want now is to get Moonlight working on my Vita :3
          Remote-play all my PC games on my Vita would be so cool…

  3. AD2076 says:

    They won’t release. They are just waiting for Sony’s money

  4. cracker says:

    And yet again I ponder as to whether I should update and download all the games sitting in my PSN account before an exploit is released and quickly patched out by Sony. :\

  5. Lol says:

    Lol same fake news ever year. Qwertyoruiop is a liar and a troll he won’t release

  6. nightwishfan1 says:

    I’m in the corner of those that don’t believe anything will come of this. I don’t even see the point in it being posted when most likely nothing will come from it. Furthermore why is he claiming victory on fw 5.00 when he doesn’t even know if the kernel bug he has is exploitable? That’s a far cry from victory if you ask me. He oughta put up or shut up at this rate.

  7. Kevin says:

    I feel like hes just showing off.

  8. yoshi314 says:

    it’s a smart tactic to wait with the exploits, imho. sony might either patch it in the new firmware, or new ps4 model and only owners of older units would benefit from it. and some of them are not very useful for end users anyway. if someone wants to make sure they can use them – stick to vulnerable firmware.

    if i had the know-how to develop an ps4 exploit, i would definitely wait till it’s fairly certain sony won’t just pop up a new model to completely patch it up.

  9. Right says:

    How about this. No more PS4 BS news like this, until something is released. All you do is stir the pot, and get the morons babbling. Let this topic die until something of worth is out in the public. Stop fueling the fire of stupidity.

  10. bfka says:

    The whole idea is stupid. You prove something to yourself – I can break this, I can break that, but I can’t share anything, because that’s the moral thing to do! I just want you to know…What’s the point to keep a secret and in the mean time you scream – “I have something to say, but I wont tell you what!” Something like -“you dig here and I will go find out where to dig!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Yama says:

      Releasing it would allow Sony to patch it. Which would mean future firmwares won’t be hackable with the same exploit. So it’s best to keep it secret until Sony happens to find it on their own. Now why announce it without a release? Because firmware 5.01 might patch it, and he wants you to know you should stay on 5.00. If Sony find’s it eventually and patches it on firmware 5.63, then you will still be on 5.00 and when he finally does release it you will be able to use it. However, if he keeps it secret, waits until that “5.63” firmware to say anything, then by the time he checks to see it no longer works, tries alternative ways of using it, and finds it is no longer useful, you might have updated to 5.63 and it then becomes useless to the masses who would use it. I doubt you’d be too excited if a week after 5.63 comes out, and after you’ve updated to then see an article that an exploit for 5.62 and below has been released..

  11. Ivoyko says:

    I dont want be rude (and i dont have a PS4 YET) … but this have a name: attention ***.

  12. Slow Down says:

    Look, you release a exploit under these circumstances.

    -It is unpatchable without hardware revision.
    -It has been patched by the device maker and hence is no longer needed to be kept secret from the device maker.
    -You have more than one working exploit and are willing to have one patched in releasing it to the community.

    Now many people here don’t get it and i understand that. I’m sure the many’s developers understand as well, but try to be a little nicer in calling people out. No one is realeasing an exploit that is then guaranteed to lock them out of the next firmware update. The longer an exploit stays in a devices life cycle unpatched the better for everyone in the end. For end users remember your firmware is related to your game crypto, just look 3ds 7.x and at the vita.

    Here is a dev, who is really stepping out to do you a favor if he sticks to his word. He has said if he finds another exploit combo that gives him full access he will release one. Most devs would probably hold both+more for the longevity unless patched out by the maker, so give a guy break. He deserves credit for his work so far, with a please, maybe even preemptive thankyou for future releases.

  13. SeniorPendejo says:

    In other news. I farted after eating my daily intake of taco bell and damn if it doesn’t stink. Whew

  14. LOL says:

    LOL@the *** morons in these comments complaining because they still have to wait.

  15. sj33 says:

    This is great, but if nothing gets released then it’s all hot air.

  16. JaysusX says:

    If qwertyoruiop can keep claiming that he hacked every single firmware version under the sun but never releases anything, under the BS excuse that he doesn’t want sony to patch it, then even I can claim that I hacked firmware 6.01 before sony has even released it because I’m that good…but I’m not gonna release it either because I’m also another attention seeking tool.

  17. nightwishfan1 says:

    I kinda love the people commenting saying that those with exploits are simply waiting just cause they don’t want sony patching them if they exist on another firmware when yet this articles final paragraph states some of the overtly stupid reasons some hackers have given. Like it was a collective effort to find it, and we need everyone from our group signing off on it being released, or the “their easy to find” BS, to just plain out not so good reasons, or it needs to be private. We’ve all heard them before, and the wait excuse anyone comes up with for such hackers is garbage.

  18. Jack says:

    There’s a point when waiting just becomes nonsense…byt the time they release something we will have moved along to the PS9.

    They need to find a balance between what’s a good tactic and timing and release it, let a part of the community enjoy the exploit and then keep working on whatever they want.

    • nightwishfan1 says:

      Really. Some of these people act like Sony doesn’t have their own squad of tech people trying to track down these very bugs, whether it be looking through the software or visiting various forum boards and websites to get leads on them. And when they do they most likely get patched in the next update. This all while these hackers squander a chance to get the scene moving.

      I kinda liken it to the vita scene but in reverse, cause the vita scene started out like the ps4 scene. One exploit to kick things off, but unlike the ps4 scene this process kept moving forward on the vita with the hackers learning how the firmware worked, and evolved to keep up with it. The ps4…….some team with a private exploit wants to solely work on making their ps4 a linux box for some stupid reason I’ll never understand. Then some hackers hopping on the train claiming an exploit on whatever firmware, and being the only ones in most cases to say so. In other words just wanting this exact kinda coverage and attention for a claim on something that most likely doesn’t exist.

  19. Fat Tony says:

    This guy just wants attention, there’s no point in discussing anything involving him

  20. TiredOldCoot says:

    At this rate il just buy a gaming pc and say *** ps4. There just isnt enough interestning games for me on pc but as soon as games are ported or some good ones released, il make the jump. So tired of these gloryhungry “hackers” that dont release anything.

  21. ZeroSbr says:

    This isn’t really news-worthy. When someone finally releases an exploit, THAT will be news-worthy.

  22. Ander says:

    several times he claimed victory and few moments later he drifts into shadows and nothing happens

  23. Peter says:

    I do not believe this *** until nothing is released to the public.

  24. TenTheTyrant says:

    Geohot was the only real “HACKER” he released his exploits instead of merely bragging like these other guys. SHOW OFF HOWEVER YOU LIKE, IT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING IF IT HAS NO USE FROM THE END USER. NO FAME, NO RECOGNITION OR RESPECT.

  25. yeah yeah baby says:

    there are so many news on the net about different hackers and exploits…thats all….news only lol
    like i got all exploits…..i am the best *** in the world? haha
    marketing like??? *** of with news……results or shut up pls ;=)

  26. lolwut says:

    That’s all? He claims victory on 5.00? What a scrub.

    I cracked the system to its very core. The PS4 is my ***, but I won’t release it. I wouldn’t want Sony to patch it or anything. Oh, I also cracked Xbox One and UWP while I was taking a s**t the other day too, but again, would want the exploits patched, so….. sorry everyone, figure it out yourselves.

  27. Tonoxis says:

    Wow, so much entitlement here in the comments. They do this of their own free will and without ANY payment from any of you, no wonder they won’t share their exploits with the community if this is the response they get. Appreciate your developers and maybe you’ll get actual exploits, treat them like complete ***, like you are here, and you’re likely to get nothing at all. In fact, the amount of comments here butthurt over the fact that qwerty may not release his exploit is not only legendary, but disgusting. (Which btw, he got enough “Fame & Recognition” during his iOS hacking days, he needs not your recognition or fame, so that threat is nothing to him.)

    You want exploits, I have to agree with the developers on this one, do it yourselves. See how much work actually goes into this *** before you decide to play keyboard quarterback, in fact, *THIS* is the exact reason the PSP scene almost died years ago! You’d think the community could learn, but I guess not.

  28. hoomand says:

    So we have a bunch of exploits for every firmware version, plus kernel, homebrew, debug menu and backups!!!
    but no public release yet? lol, I do not believe this.

  29. Nepsquare says:

    First of all I’m very happy to hear news like this, props to @Qwertyoruiop for being awesome enough to share his progress. And props to the Wololo team to provide this news in the scene, which is slowly becoming more click-baitie on other ‘news’ sites.

    I have to confess I seldomly thank the contributors when they release news or toys for us, but when I read these comments…oh boy…not all of us are spoiled and will happily accept anything news worthy to our interest.

    Seriously, never release anything, ever. The scene will still grow without an exploit by you and complain to anything that doesn’t meet their expectancy. But at least the core will still think you are releasing valuable info.

    We are all the scene, and we all have a certain responsibility to keep it healthy, for contributors to have a platform and for Team Wololo and ourselves to make this a pleasant place to visit. Then you will have interested people on both sides of the technology that can really contribute. Readers become more savvy and maybe even start themselves to mod/hack/poke their tech. This should be old news though.

    For what it’s worth, when reading this, I did think things are moving a bit too fast, also on the Switch, even when there are no exploits publicly available. It’s a good time in the scene, however, many people who literally spend years on these findings get the recognition they deserve.

    • nightwishfan1 says:

      ^^^You’re joking right?? You call this scene growth when even the webkit vulnerability he’s finding for user access hasn’t been disclosed? The poking and prodding at our tech as you put it, doesn’t do us any good, cause if this were easy we’d all be able to exploit our ps4 consoles as easily as he seems to do. Want to know what I consider scene growth and knoweledge?? The hacking conventions where non-fame seeking hackers unlike this guy publicly show what they found, and release the means for others to repeat it, and push it forward past that point with that knoweledge.

      So you’re idea of releasing nothing ever and the scene will grow regardless is asinine, and *** backward. For the scene to go forward and progress we should be able to exploit our consoles and make it run unsigned code. Him getting tight lipped after saying he conquered the 5.00 firmware, and not releasing any real info as to how he got there is just being an attention ***.

      And the Switch…..You been living under a rock for the last few months right?? There’s been a public exploit that works up to firmware 3.00 on that console lol. It may not be the jail breaker one yet, but there has been one. You might want to go back through some of the articles on this site.

  30. bossmaster says:

    *** news……results please…..

  31. Hdr says:

    Show something’s to people really can see it and use it. Otherwise Don’t said victory… later keep do it again 5.00, 5.05, 5.xx.. victory

  32. Moonshine says:

    Today he claims victory on firmware 5.0 kernel code exec too!
    I think people need to understand the basic rules of the internet, include qwerty, “show me something or it didn’t happen”

  33. Dude says:

    How do I get in touch with Wololo directly? I’m not sure what /talk is but I would like to discuss blogging. If anyone has an answer please get back to me.

  34. masterboss says:

    Now he got the KE…and now? lol

  35. Zin says:

    Until we get something tangible, I call foul. He can say he’s got something good all he wants but for now there’s nothing special to report here.

  36. pepitogrillo says:

    I would sue Sony for taking my work and use it against me. It should be legit and Sony must pay billions to scene 😀

  37. Ni says:

    Thes are all fake news dontt believe haha

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