Release: luaVitaSeccy (Section ID calculator for Phantasy Star Online Games)


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7 Responses

  1. firsta says:

    um… first?

  2. cruzz says:

    Wow the game looks awesome! :O
    Is there any way to play Phantasy Star 2 Online with HENkaku?
    And a english patch? 😀

    • zorg says:

      There is no way, latest patch requires system above 3.60, and it is online game. BTW latest patch is like 8Gb and they are announcing that new patch will be over 16Gb big.

      • cruzz says:

        Too bad …
        I have no idea how the PS Vita update works. But maybe it is possible to reverse engineer the updating process and build our own one that doesn’t fixes the bug which triggers the exploit.
        So not just spoofing the firmware rather actually install the new files but with small changes.
        Would somethink be possible or is the reversing to hard? I mean we have plugin support on our Vitas!

  3. Tripa master says:

    I didn’t understood well what it does because I never played phantasy star online before.

  4. Ms_vixen says:

    We will need to wait for a ps3 style spoof to go online many from the ps3 scene have been busy but will no doubt help out. After they will make time for the ps4 scene as its in its beginning stages of full crack hax.

  5. syone says:

    *** happened with the standart wololo Template.. :'(

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