Tetromino for the PSVita released – Play Tetris on your Vita with style!


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7 Responses

  1. I am the First

    I am the first, and I am the fckng boss hehehe

  2. svennd

    Amazing game …. 😀 totally not biased. Features requests and bug reports are welcome on github also (https://github.com/svennd/vita-tetromino/issues)

  3. Dmaskell92

    I assume the level influences the speed at which the blocks drop. Or at least that’s what tetris is supposed to do.

  4. Maik

    The “level” probably indicates how fast the pieces are falling down (as in every other tetris game)

  5. Dragda

    wow, the control scheme is *** up :S
    The cross and circle buttons should rotate the tetraminos in opposed directions; and square or pad down to drop the piece.

    Right now is barely playable, but looks like a nice starting point. Kudos to the creator, i’m surely gonna follow this.

    • svennd

      I only implemented on side turning as of now. the circle is instant drop, and down is just 1 drop extra 🙂 thanks for the review 🙂