PegaSwitch 3.0 and more released, compatible with Nintendo Switch up to 3.0.0 firmware included


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  1. manuel bonilla

    nice we are making progress here >< i like it

  2. TOM

    Daeken has himself started a thread on Gbatemp. I suggest people turn their manners on and go in there to help dispell the cloud of confussion surrounding the Switch scene.

    All this talk going around, no hombrew for atleast 12 months, no newer firmware games ever, no online access ever, etc is all speculations…. sometimes from respected dev’s sure, but you still have to ask yourself, are these general blanket statements that span across the range for all consoles in todays generation or have they themselves delved deep into the system in question and are speaking with specific awareness and understanding of the said unit.

    We’ll the opertunity is here for us all now to politely communicate with a swicth scene dev. One who seems happy to communicate with us noods in evolving our understanding of his research into the device and expectations of his and other projects.

    Time to clear the air, i think.

    P.s, I hope i haven’t broken any forum rules here. Daeken himself started a thread there at gbatemp and is openly engaging discussions on his project and the scene. Lets share our appreciation with him and gather insights into our questions and unsurity in the scene at the same time.

    Exciting times…

  3. makz

    Haha, last week i got Pokken DX and i said to myself “oooh *** it, i update even if i lose the hack possibility…”

    and today this news, it made my day !

  4. Destouches

    Hi Wololo,
    As always, these devs are amazing.

    Now that the Switch is out and here to stay, I finally bought a retailed wiiU and guys…CFW are top-notch and it is a blast to enjoy Bayonetta and Terraria on this gorgeous screen (I am a no-TV player, so full gamepad). I’ll try BOTW soon (thanks Darkumbra).

    Still trying to install nintendon’t, we will see if the gamepad will be useable for metroid prime and rogue squadron (yeehaa).

    Well, the Switch should be interesting in one or two years, but for now, go get a wiiU !

  5. Arcadius

    As soon as Mario Odyssey is out, I guess no one will stay on 3.0.

    But nice to see the progress.

  6. Andrew

    Sadly, people who bought Pokkem DX on the eShop are forced to update to the latest firmware. I’m one of those folks

  7. Duckbutt

    So I just ask the obvious now, but this enable Piracy on the Switch sometime soon?
    Or are we still safe from that for a while longer?

  8. fluk3

    Why exactly isn’t 1.0.0 compatible? I heard that the exploits were able to run on 1.0.0
    only that it was a bit harder due to that version not having much network functions

    • justsomeguy

      I think it has more to do with having access to more games. You can probably get away with it on 1.0.0 but there isn’t anything to gain from it, and you lose access to games that need more than 1.0.0

      • Fat Boi

        Thats why most ppl decided to update rather than wait a year just to play a few emulators that already exists elsewhere.