PSVTools released – Easily manipulate PSV files with Python!


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  1. manuel bonilla

    second lol

  2. Demian

    And you can see just before me, The Three Stooges have commented using brain at their max level… XD

    On Topic:
    The Vita scene is becoming a great source for knowledge and games of course (no, not the official ***, but the emulated one’s from old glories). Hope this gives the brand owners an idea of what the community wants and they put their feet on the ground and their brains on the table.

  3. Dark Alex

    third!! ***??!!!!

  4. sloppycrap

    Actually, the 1:1 backups of my games are the .pkg files right off Sony’s website plus the .rifs I create with NoNpDRM. I understand why people buy game cards, I’m just not one of them. The last physical portable game I bought was Peace Walker, and then I realized I didn’t want to carry physical games around with me. So I returned it, bought it off PSN, and I’m all-PSN ever since.

    • afehst

      Yeah, but whenever your account is banned by Sony, you can say bye to all your games.

      Happend to me….. Twice! 😉

  5. AD2076

    Now we need a tool to compress trimmed psv and a loader for compressed games

    • pez2k

      The files on the gamecards are encrypted so compression is effectively useless.

      All compression is is a way to summarise the contents of a file, e.g. ‘a number 1, repeated a million times’ is shorter than actually typing out a million 1s. If there are no or few compressible patterns, you don’t save much space.

      Encrypting that string of a million 1s changes each 1 in a different way, so your encrypted file could end up as something with no patterns in it like ‘653957108…’, and thus there’s no compression to be had.

      • Anon

        Well, the compression tool should decrypt it before doing the actual compression then (and re-encrypt it after doing the decompression).
        If we can decrypt PKGs on a PC, what’s stopping us from decrypting cart dumps? I’m not sure about the re-encryption though, and specifically whether it’s possible for the theoretically re-encrypted PSV to match the original encrypted PSV 1:1.
        And I’m not even touching the subject of the compressibility of the decrypted files of a game, since games tend to store them already compressed, and compressing already compressed data is a waste of time.

  6. makak1984

    So it is sth like proper 1:1 dump for example the Gamecard? I am not tested it yet. So what is this extra space at the dump it is unique to all of the gamecards? Aurora please have you got info about vitas gpu support for homebrew? I wondering if it ever be possibility to have working n64 emulator?