Your NES classic can run the SNES Mini games, and (probably) vice versa


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31 Responses

  1. Quake591

    Doesn’t the NES have less buttons, though? Would you be able to play SNES games with that controller?

  2. Aces

    My SNES mini has been marked posted with tracking from EBgames (Australian games too subsidiary)

  3. Destouches

    Nice and all but…I still fail to see which market these devices are aimed to.
    Running emulators even on the go have never been easier, and cheaper, than today.

    Considering the popularity of mini-nes, are retrogamers just collection-freaks today ? (oh god, I almost forget about amiibos…)

    • TrueDat

      People who want smaller collectible versions of old and good Nintendo consoles from the 8bit and 16bit era and have the money and patience to find and buy one.

      • malloc

        I would be all over it if they at least tried to emulate real hardware (actual hardware or at least an FPGA of some kind. These are not ” good Nintendo consoles ” they are overpriced raspberry PI’s.

    • tech3475

      IIRC one of the original targets was casuals who were either buying gifts for others or wanted some nostalgia.

      Remember, people still buy the atgames systems despite their notoriously bad emulation.

      • Destouches

        So in a nutshell, collectors and gifts.

        I wonder what would become of Nintendo without the nostalgia bait.
        Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to enjoy their first party games but, let’s face it, they milk their franchises till they run dry, wait a few years, rince and repeat (metroid, are you there ?).

    • Name

      I know i could download the roms for “free”, but i want to pay Nintendo for making great Games and for the joy i had.

  4. Ian Tester

    After the NES Classic was hacked and dumped I expected Nintendo to lock down any successor a lot more. But it almost sounds like Nintendo doesn’t mind people hacking these devices. Are they just happy to be making money from IP that is now essentially Public Domain? (just look at how easy it is to find massive dumps of console games from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s)

  5. Jim

    Call me cynical but that screenshot of that message could SO easily be faked. Cool if it is real though

  6. CosmicTacoCat

    I thought you moved to the US. Or was it the other way around?

  7. madmonkey1907

    I didn’t know I used hakchi2

    • wololo

      Well, now you know.
      Seriously though, I’m more than happy to correct the mistake and add some details in the article, would you mind providing details?

  8. PSTV-wood-sporter

    This is pretty cool information to have and thank you Wololo.
    I still wouldn’t trade my PSTV-w/ext.hdd/dualshock4 for either or both of those fine toys.
    Hard to beat PSTV, don’t knock it if you’ve never seen/tried it.

    • meh

      PSTV is utter *** in my opinion, i gave mine away to my friend, it not even worth charging for it. Utter trash plastic box (IMO)

      • PSTV-wood-sporter

        Whatever. Haha.
        I highly doubt you even had Henkaku on it.
        Talk is cheap. I smell fear and Nintendo fanboy-ism.
        The Vita scene is alive and well. I highly expect it to remain that way after the hype of these linux based emulators w/Nintendo seal has long passed too.

        • lol

          Enso was on it actually with 32gig using sd2vita. I am not a fanboy of Nintendo. Good for you for loving the Vita….this doesn’t mean I have to like it aswellb……I smell a butthurt vita fanboy

          • lol

            thats my vita i ment. the pstv has enso and obviously usb mass storage…..anyways doesnt matter, I would rather play proper console games on my tv instead of badly upscaled jagged vita games on it

      • 1zz2fe

        Throw yourself in the dumpster while you’re at it.

        • haha noob

          How about you go and try kill yourself to get yourself off the net since can’t handle other people having a different opinion

  9. azoreseuropa

    What a good memorize since I was teenager. Now, we have NES Classic Mini (Europe) and now we are waiting for SNES Classic Mini (Europe) to ship it to us between Oct 10-13. No, we will not sell them ever and never will. Cherish and collector! 😀 Can’t wait!